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How to Have a Responsible and Sustainable Trip to the Philippines

The concept of “Sustainable Tourism” promotes a way of travelling aiming to have a low impact on the environment and local culture, while supporting local communities in building a balanced economic development.


Sustainable tourism is something very importante for everyone, since it gives a positive experience for all involved people: locals, tourism companies (hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, trasportation companies, etc.) and tourists themselves.


We at Tropical Experience promote and practice sustainable tourism in our business.

We approach tourism in such a way that the local communities and natural environment should not be harmed with the arrival of tourists, and should instead economically and culturally benefit from it.

There are different ways to attain these positive impacts and we encourage our guests to be enlightened travellers: this usually adds quality to their trip, making it a more complete and genuine experience for them.


We have created our 12 Sustainability Purposes as our company’s commitment to respect the environment and the people in our tours.

You may check our page dedicated to Sustainable Tourism to see our Sustainable Purposes, blog posts on sustainable tips, ecotourism destinations and even download a free handbook explaining what you can do to be a more sustainable traveller.


Click here to explore our page dedicated to Sustainable Tourism.