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Blog - My Husband Watched Metro Manila from Our Balcony for 1 Month, and What He Observed Amazed Me!

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Recently, my husband started to take videos of the everyday scenes of our neighborhood as seen from our balcony. Seen from the top, you get to have a really different perspective. You see more things going on all at the same time, like in those games people play from their phones/tablets or like observing the life live from a satellite.

We are city dwellers and our condominium unit’s balcony has been our favorite place, as it makes us feel we don’t live in a box and we are one with the city. It’s our favorite spot in our unit as it gives us our own little patch of outdoors from way up above the ground.

You can find the video right here, but you could also like to read my description, to understand it more.

…As the City Wakes Up…

The action starts as the sun rises, when the neighbourhood just wakes from their sleep and gets ready for the day ahead. Some people are already walking or riding tricycles while street lamp posts are still lighted. You see people on their way to school or work avoiding traffic jams and rushing crowds, still enjoying the young morning’s fresh cool breeze.

Then, slowly, traffic builds up. The streets becomes more busy, with workers and employees rushing to their workplace.

The city fastly becomes Business as Usual. Shops receive their deliveries of selling merchandise, like bottles of soda drinks, and residents their drinking water supply.

…Lunch time and afternoon…

The noon heat arrives, people protect themselves from the sun’s strong rays with umbrellas. Lunch is delivered with motorbikes.  Some are satisfied with a light fishball meal.

And there’s always room for dessert. What better way to cap off a hearty meal but with a cone of Sorbetes, the Filipino ice cream, from a street hawking Sorbetero with his colorful cart.

And oh, it’s so much in demand, you even meet your fancier (and branded) competitor on the street. Head on. Eye-to-eye.

The Filipino street cannot be complete without the colorful passenger Jeepneys. They’re the so called “Kings of the Road”, roaring, as if flying the stretches of the thoroughfare.

…Sunny and Rainy Days…

The bright shiny sun and clear blue skies give us a pretty day view of the Metro’s residential areas as well as skyscrapers from the east with the Eastwood City in Libis, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Makati and Manila to the west.

Some afternoons bring us quick light and sometimes heavy rainshowers to freshen up the day, a quick clean up and to water the plants and trees around.

…Life, Life, Life…

There are the usual regular cars, then a pink cat taxi surprises you—all with the furry pointed ears and tail! Earth loving entrepreneurs roam the streets to collect recyclable materials from small shops and residential areas. They buy recyclable garbages and load them into their bicycle’s open compartment and then sell them to big recycling centers.

Once a year, the city of San Juan celebrates their feast day by sprinkling, splashing or even pouring water on everyone on the streets – passersby and unsuspecting commuters. This comemorates St. John the Baptist, their patron saint, “baptising” and “cleansing” the townspeople. The firetruck here was just about to park and was finishing up their tank’s fill.

Students are being brought home by late afternoon by their school bus services or the “Superman” tricycles! While cleaners sweep off dirt to tidy up the sidewalks, the “spaghetti” electric and cable wires adds up to the metro’s fascinating chaos.

…Sunsets and Night Stunning Views…

The dramatic sunset displays the city in a different hue. Sometimes it’s orange, or pink , red or even  purplish blue! The building silhouettes are like paintings, it’s like a nature’s eye filter!

The evening sets in and the city lights are on. People are heading on a dinner night out or home. The buildings and road lights are sparkling like gems from afar.

The city celebrates special occasions with fireworks display. It was like a special show prepared for us as we view them all from our balcony.

…As the Night Retires…

Night time arrives, and the city becomes more peaceful and silent. You notice the art in the cloud formations, the bright moonlight that illuminates the city. The metro is now slower and poetic with crickets singing and the moon humming a lullaby.

And so it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow’s another day. It’s going to be a grand day with the same old brand new metro! See you all tomorrow from our balcony!

(written on July 2015)