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Spanish was the original official language of the Philippines as the country was a colony of Spain for 3 centuries. After the independence, the national language of the Philippines has become Filipino, or more popularly known as Tagalog. Aside from Tagalog, 171 dialects are also still being spoken and used in different regions of the culturally diverse country. While there would still be some evidence of the Spanish language in our current one, the English language is widely used in the Philippines because of United States’ influence during their colonial years during the 1st half of the 20th century, and is a mandatory language in schools and Universities up to now.

Restaurant menus, street signs, packaging labels, newspapers and announcements are usually written English, you may even have an easy conversation with the locals with some basic English. While the English language is widely spoken in the Philippines, it would be helpful to know some useful Filipino sentences or phrases which would surely delight the locals more! Here are some typical Filipino lines that may come in handy:


Good Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Night:


Magandang Umaga/Tanghali/Hapon/Gabi

How are you? :




I am good



How Much?:



Bargain, please?:

Tawad pa.

Where is__________?:

Saan ang__________?:




Oo or Opo (for elderly or senior).


Hindi or hindi po (for elderly or senior)


Thank you:



Walang anuman

(written on May 2013)