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Different Kinds of Tours and Holidays in the Philippines

There are so many treasures to uncover, places to explore and adventures to take on in the Philippines. One will never run out of things to do in these 7,000+ islands – all waiting for you!


You can have holidays by stunning beaches and tiny islands. You can walk up on charming mountains visiting the unique rice terraces. You can have some cave adventures, explore rainforests, lakes or rivers. Activities like trekking, kayaking, cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing are possible too.

You can do some shopping of interesting local products made with natural fibers and shells. You can experience the local cuisine, from the tasty melting pot of flavours of the national cuisine to the strangest street food.

There are also fiestas going on and you can join the town’s parades and merry-making activities.


There are unique landscapes mixing limestone rocks, emerald seas, incredible flora and fauna. There is an enchanted island of wizards and another one with more volcanoes than villages, sacred lakes, hidden lagoons and you will never get enough of the beautiful sea and the smile of the locals.


While others prefer a more active mood in their holidays, you could definitely just relax in a quiet beach with a tropical mix cocktail drink or your favorite book.

The Philippines can be also a cultural, artistic and historical stimulating tour if you prefer so: think about the mix of cultures (Native, Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, American and still more) that crossed the country making it an incredibly unique place.


The list just goes on. You may have these or a combination of some in your trip. See here our sample tours that may suit your likings.


If you can’t make up your mind yet, it’s ok, just tell us what you feel like doing and we will be eager to suggest. You could also check our list of the best destinations of the Philippines.