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"Living the Philippines at its best" (2024)

You just get an idea after the summer of 2022 and ask yourself where to go next year.

Then just by chance you encounter the website Tropical Experience and write to Samuele. then he answers. He lets you amend, ask, modify, then you get the doubt if he could be a real person.


Yet he replies again and then you write again, until suddenly it's time to depart and you go with thousands of doubts. But Samuele already planned and arranged everything. You get to talk to him on the phone because he lives in Manila when you are in Palawan. He's always available. 


He's there always on track and the hotels (where he booked the best rooms) know that. Always precise, on time and kind. Your doubts get dissolved when you are 11000km away from home. He is always ready.

We are living in the Philippines at best: sea turtles, corals, starfishes of all colours and then you go home feeling like you want to go back. You meet him finally in Manila before leaving and all you are able to say is "Grazie Samuele" we'll come back.

Thank you

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