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"It was a great spectacle!" (2020)

We found out about Tropical Experience online, while searching for information to plan our trip to the Philippines.

We liked the idea to contact two persons, husband and wife, living in the Philippines and knowledgeable about the places, the lifestyle of the country and also promoters of a sustainable tourism. Before travelling to the Philippines, we also had the chance to meet them personally during their exhibition event in Milan and they immediately instilled trust and affability to us.


We wanted to have a trip that would allow us to experience most of the country's best while avoiding too commercial/touristy areas. Samuele and Candice were very good in preparing a customised tour based on our needs.

Francesca Marco Manila 1.png
Francesca Marco Manila 2.png
Francesca Marco Manila 3.png

Our trip started in Manila, where Samuele welcomed us and took us around some peculiar neighbourhoods of this Metropolis: Quiapo bazaar, Intramuros, Rizal Park, the docking area. The day ended with a typical Filipino dinner that allowed us to try some classic Filipino recipes and to dance on the notes of native Filipino songs.

Then, we departed for Banaue, where we visited the charming rice terraces of Batad and Bangaan. These extraordinary landscapes are characterized by a very tough yet simple life, though always faced with a smile.

Francesca Marco Banaue 1.png
Francesca Marco Banaue.png
Francesca Marco Bohol 1.png

After the mountains, we transferred to Bohol and Cebu. During these days we enjoyed rich and colourful seabeds, we swam with sea turtles and whale sharks, we found ourselves surrounded by schools of sardines and tuna. We also had the time to relax on coral beaches.


It was a great spectacle!

Francesca Marco Bohol 2.png
Francesca Marco Cebu 1.png
Francesca Marco Cebu 2.png

During the whole trip we always had full support from Samuele, who always stayed in contact and shared practical advices and useful tips. He always made us feel safe and supported.


All the local guides and drivers that accompanied us during our many day tours were very reliable, welcoming and prepared.


A Big Thank You!

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