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"Incredible attention to the client!" (2022)

We chose Tropical Experience for our honeymoon. We wanted something special and we'll need the help of someone that could support us while planning the trip and in choosing the destinations.

We wanted something that wasn't pre-packaged, instead most possibly close to us and our desires.

With them, we were really able to build a 8-hands program! Considering suggestions and proposals we were able to create a vacation that was truly tailor-made for us.

Boracay Filippine

We chose to visit 3 islands: Boracay, El Nido and Coron. We were managed and assisted at any moment, starting with boarding on each flight and continuing with reaching hotels and organizing our day tours.

Samuele and Candice really listened to us and all our requests were fulfilled. Having local support in the Italian language for the whole vacation was very useful and appreciated.

Also for the choice of the hotels we followed their wise and precious advice and we were really satisfied; the level was very high and we experienced an incredible attention to the client.

The boat tours, booked by Tropical Experience, were exclusive and were incredible. Having a team accompanying you while explaining the secrets of the island are priceless!

We really felt at the center of the attention and with Tropical Experience, nothing is left to chance.

Filippine viaggio di nozze

We want to compliment Samuele and Candice, with our hearts. Their organization is professional and never forgone. They are 2 real professionals that manage with passion and reliability in each single request.

Thank you for making our trip a dream come true!

Sara & Andrea

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