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"A very rich country" (2022)

At the end of our holiday in the Philippines, as expected after such an intense trip, our backpacks on our way home were surely heavier, but not only because of souvenirs.

Starting in Manila, this itinerary that included Ifugao province and the islands of Camiguin, Cebu and Bohol, gave us the chance to know a very rich country, both for its nature and its culture.


It's hard to choose the most beautiful moments! In the sea, aside from corals and colorful fishes, we had the pleasure to encounter sea turtles, whale sharks, and immense sardine runs. During the trekking in the forest of Hibok Hibok Volcano and the rice fields of Batad and Bangaan - thanks also to the local guides - we could observe the endemic fauna and flora and also local customs, in a very charming atmosphere.

The architectural evidence, such as the churches in Intramuros in Manila or in Tagbilaran in Bohol Province, reminded us about the Spanish colonial past...that often echoes in the local languages.

Strolling around Binondo, a district of Manila and the most ancient Chinatown of the world, catapulted us again into another world.

Binondo Manila

Travelling around the Philippines meant also having a confrontation with its contradictions, where skyscrapers and malls of Manila are crossed with "makeshift" buildings, surrounded by a traffic that can truly astound you.

To best prepare ourselves to this intriguing mix of emotions, it was fundamental to have the support of Tropical Experience: Samuele and Candice helped us to plan our trip, in an attentive, precise and punctual way, both for transfers and the excursions that we had in the several destinations with visited.


If time and money allow you, we are inviting you to visit the Philippines, hoping that our photos and our short story could be a push for you to prepare your backpack and go!

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