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Tropical Experience Travel Services - Tours of the Philippines

TOUR E - Countryside Life: Landscapes and Traditions (Philippines)


Our tours could be organized in two different ways:

A- Self-guided version, with English assistance

We'll organize your trip, then you and your companions will travel by yourself, supported (in English language) by experienced local operators in each destination. Before the start of the tour, you will received a Travel Handbook with your itinerary in full detail along with travel documents and tickets, passes and vouchers, so you'll be able to travel around the Philippines in a smooth and organized way. This solution is advised for those that have some travel experience and can communicate using the English language (a bit, at least!). Of course, it's also a good solution for those who want privacy or choose a rather simpler / not too complex tour.

B- Fully guided version, with an English-speaking tour leader

Alternatively you could choose to have a private tour escort appointed by Tropical Experience, who will coordinate all your activities and transfer, to offer the most comfortable way to travel around. We offer privacy and a professional approach. This option is ideal for bigger groups, people who are not comfortable speaking in English and/or have too little or zero travel experience. It can also be an advised solution for certain destinations that may have complicated logistics. Surely, it is also a service that fits those who need prime-level guide services.


Other "combinations" or different options can be discussed by E-mail.

General description

This tour originated from our commitment towards sustainable and responsible tourism, an advocacy we have been promoting since the birth of Tropical Experience. This rich itinerary will take you around some of the most unique places of the Philippines! Get ready to have the true Filipino experience by witnessing the local cultures and the serene life of the people living in contact with mountains and seas. You will enjoy a genuine, meaningful and pleasant vacation while enriching your mind and body by experiencing some of the most beautiful places of the Philippines.

Optionally, you can start your trip with a glance of the busy capital of the country, Manila. Here you can witness the modern life of one of the busiest Asian metropolises. You will learn about the past in the colonial walled city of Intramuros and experience the vibrant life of Quiapo market and Rizal Park.

Soon after, you will leave the urban life behind and immerse yourself in the countryside of the Philippines. The itinerary literally starts from “the top '', both for latitude and altitude, discovering the marvellous Banaue Rice Terraces, in the Ifugao province. The villages around Banaue are UNESCO Heritage and truly represent some of the most ancient ethnic cultures of SouthEast Asia.

You will have some trekking around the small village dwellings scattered around this spectacular and ancient agricultural landscape, of which you will discover the traditions. You will also visit the typical one-room Ifugao houses, commonly known to the locals as “fale”, where you could even sleep for the night, just like the locals.

You will also see the authentic handcrafting as the province is famous for housing talented woodcarvers.


Next stop is Sagada, Mountain Province. This small provincial town is famous for the funeral tradition of the “hanging coffins” in the Echo Valley and for its limestone rocks of marine origin. The area is full of caves and covered by lush forests. Artistic pottery and loom weaving are the local handiwork goods of Sagada that you could observe.

On the way back to Manila, you will also have a stopover in Baguio, the "summer capital" of the Philippines. Filipinos truly love Baguio as they like to explore its mountains and enjoy a cooler climate, something different from the rest of the country.

After all these walks, new adventures will come with the chance to relax a bit and enjoy the very beautiful seas of the Philippines. Indeed, it will be time to visit Siargao, a raw gem of the South-Eastern Philippines

When the first Spanish explorers reached Siargao, they found a great tropical paradise lived by peaceful people and named the island "Isla de Las Palmas" when noticing that the lush tropical vegetation was mainly constituted by coconut trees. To this day, the bountiful vegetation makes Siargao one of the best destinations in the world for Ecotourism. In fact, the green of the forest and the blue of the Pacific Ocean are the colors you'll see the most during your visit here.

The island still is a peaceful heaven nowadays, beloved by those searching for a "slow" and authentic dimension. The island offers different levels of services, yet it is advised to book early as the island mainly offers small hotels.

Siargao is nowadays also dubbed as the "surfing capital" of the Philippines, thanks to a peculiar geographical position and strong winds, making it easy to find big waves to ride. Yet it has a lot more to offer! You will ride a boat and experience tiny tropical paradises such as Guyam Island and Daku Island, with white sand, rich marine life and transparent waters. You will also discover incredible landscapes by exploring the inland side of Siargao: experience the picturesque landscapes of Maasin River and the natural pools of Magpupungko and experience the peace of Sugba Lagoon.

If you are into surfing or like to learn how to surf, ask us to add some extra days to add this experience to your trip.


You will travel back to Manila full of incredible memories that will stay with you forever.

What kind of tour

This tour is ideal for travellers with a strong interest in ecotourism and responsible tourism, who want to have a genuine experience of the Philippines, of its environment and its people. The overnight stay in Manila is organized in average level hotels, in Banaue and Sagada in simple locally-owned and family-managed guesthouses, while in Siargao you will have a comfortable stay in one of the middle-range local small beach resorts.

Even if it requires an adaptive attitude, this tour is pleasant and provides some active and lively activities alternated with relaxation and tranquility. No special abilities are needed. Trekking is suitable for all but it is not advised to those with physical and health problems; it is anyway possible to have the same tour and decide on the spot if you want to have trekking, have just a part of it or not, enjoying the landscapes from comfortable panoramic viewpoints.

Banaue Filippine
Siargao Islands
Siargao General Luna
Batad Philippines


You will reach Ifugao and Mountain Province areas with a private vehicle with driver services. This will take about 8-10 hours from Manila to Banaue and about 10-12 hours from Sagada to Manila. The transfer from Manila to Siargao and back is made with domestic flights. Other minor transfers will be needed during the tours on the sea (small boats) and on land (car or van or jeep).

In Manila, taxis or other private means of transportation will be used depending on the size of the group.



If you will not be having barbecue picnics or on-the-go pocket lunch during the daily trips, we will let you try the specialties of the tasty local cuisine. The local cuisine is quite varied, mostly comprising of fish and other seafood, meat (especially pork and chicken), some choice of vegetables, rice and plenty of tasty and fresh tropical fruits and juices. The Filipino cuisine is tasty but not spicy nor complicated and it generally matches with the Western taste. Some meals are included in the price (see specification for "included" or "not included"). Included meals are only the ones explicitly mentioned as “included” in the program. Included meals are standard set proposed by the guides: additional orders are not included.


Tour Program


Day 1 - Arrival and Time to Rest

  • Arrival at the airport, transfer to hotel for resting. There are no other activities or meals included for this day. The program can be changed if your flight will arrive in Manila already in the morning or early afternoon.


Day 2 – Visit of Manila: a Trip Through History, Modernity and Local Culture [Optional]

  • During this day, you will discover the walled colonial city of Intramuros. You will also experience the chaos of modern Manila, with the popular Quiapo market and Rizal Park. Lunch on the way (not included).

  • In the evening, included dinner in a typical Filipino restaurant, where you could enjoy authentic live Filipino performances.


Day 3 – Transfer to Banaue, Ifugao Province

  • Departure in the morning with a private vehicle and transfer towards the Ifugao province, passing by the countryside and rice fields of the Luzon region. Lunch on the way (not included).

  • On the way, a side trip to Bacolor to witness the local church that sank after the eruption of a nearby volcano.

  • Arrival in the evening, check-in at a local guesthouse. Dinner (not included).


Day 4 – The Majestic Banaue Rice Terraces: Batad and Bangaan Villages

  • With the help of a local guide, you will visit the local villages (UNESCO Heritage) of Batad and Bangaan, where you will be able to admire the famous rice terraces and enjoy a bit of the local life. Lunch on the way (not included).

  • Back to the hotel in late afternoon, autonomous night and dinner (not included).


Day 5 – Visit of Banaue Town + Sleeping in a Traditional Native "Fale" Hut

  • Visit to Banaue Town during the morning. You  will experience the local village and the most beautiful viewpoints, to contemplate the magnificent rice terraces between the mountains. A visit to the tiny yet interesting Banaue museum will also give you a special view on the past of the town. You could also visit the local handicraft and wood carving shops. Lunch on the way choosing among one of the local restaurants (not included).

  • In the afternoon, transfer to a traditional Ifugao fale*  hut accommodation, where you will have an overnight and dinner (not included).

* the fale is small but comfortable and doesn't have a private bathroom.There will be common bathrooms that are regularly clean. The fale is a very limited offering, in case of no availability at the moment of the reservation you will have another overnight in a guesthouse in Banaue. If you prefer to sleep in the regular guesthouse, please tell us before your reservation.


Day 6 – Sagada:The  Mysterious Funeral Traditions of the "Hanging Coffins"

  • In the morning, after breakfast, transfer to Sagada via van. Optional stop in the city of Bontoc. Check-in at a local guesthouse and some free time for freshening up. Lunch (not included) in one of the local restaurants.

  • In the afternoon, time to walk around the Echo Valley, discovering the “hanging coffins”, the famous funeral tradition. You will also visit the "burial cave". You can also see some of the handcrafting centers of pottery and weaving.

  • In the evening, dinner (not included) in Sagada.


Day 7 – Travel Back to Manila

  • After breakfast, depart for Manila. Lunch (not included) during one of the stops on the way. 

  • Optional stop in Baguio city for view points, shops and short activities (entrances and other fees are not included).

  • At night, arrive in Manila, check-in at a hotel and rest.

  • Dinner (not included) on the way or upon arrival, depending on your preferences.

Day 8 – The Raw Gem of Southern Philippines: Siargao

  • Transfer to Manila Airport with shuttle service. Flight Manila-Siargao.

  • Arrival in Siargao and transfer to your hotel in General Luna town.

  • Free time to chill by the sea or stroll around the local town.

  • Lunch during the transfers (not included).

  • Autonomous dinner (not included), choosing any of the several available restaurants in Siargao..


Day 9 – A Beautiful Journey Around the Islets and Seas of Siargao

  • Island hopping day! You will get on a boat and will go around discovering 3 beautiful islands surrounded by the pristine waters of Siargao: Daku Island, Guyam Island and the islet-sandbar of Naked Island, made of nothing but powdery white sand!

  • A lunch (included) will be served to you during the trip.

  • Return to your hotel during the afternoon.

  • Free evening, dinner not included.


Day 10 - The Stunning Countryside of Siargao

  • Going around with a vehicle and a driver you will experience all the most beautiful inland attractions of Siargao. Visit the Maasin River, Coconut Road, Cloud 9 surfing hub, Sugba Lagoon and others.

  • Return to your hotel during the afternoon.

  • Free evening, dinner not included.

Day 11 – Free and Easy Day in Siargao

  • Free day to relax or do autonomous activities.

  • No meals or activities included for this day


Day 12 – Return to Manila, Free Time

  • Transfer to the airport. Flight Siargao-Manila.

  • Lunch (not included) during the transfer.

  • Check-in at the hotel.

  • Free time for some visits, last minute shopping and dinner (not included).

Day 13 – Bye Bye

  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport and fly back home (or to your next country destination). End of your trip in the Philippines.



For a free quotation, write an e-mail to


How you could modify or extend this trip

You might also want to explore Palawan, with Puerto Princesa and its famous Underground River, as well as the pristine bay of El Nido.


Terms and conditions

Before booking this tour, please read the page Terms and Conditions on our website.The itinerary presented above should be considered as broad and just for a general idea. It may vary due to weather, obstacles,booking availability or other uncontrollable variables.If one of the guests has allergies or other issues linked to food, please let us know in advance. Inform us too if there’s be any physical obstacles or a particular health status that we should be made aware of.

Cloud 9 Siargao
Ifugao Province
Tropical Experience Siargao Candice Luna

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