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Camiguin is a small island province in the Philippines, located in the  northern part of the Mindanao Region and just south of the famous Bohol province. It's the second smallest province of the country, with a population of a little less than 100,000 inhabitants. Here, the Spanish colonizers had a limited presence, but some of their traces are still visible with old churches and watchtowers. The fame of Camiguin now comes from its very original nature, which makes it really a...volcanic place!

Indeed, there are only 5 villages on the Island, versus its 7 volcanoes! That explain much already, doesn't it?

It's the island with the biggest concentration of volcanoes per square meter in the planet! We can say that nature is really the spectacular master of the island.


All around Camiguin you'll find black sand, often feeling warm under your feet because of the intense magmatic underground activities. Nature is rich and luxurious with forests, waterfalls and super sweet fruits, like the lanzones. Lanzones are tiny sweet-sour and juicy fruits that are a classic specialty of the island, that every year celebrates them with a Festival on the third week of October.


Despite the blackness of the sand in mainland Camiguin, around it you can find islets made of crazy white sand and crystal-clear water.  Among others, we can easily spot the White Island, a big sandbar that goes up and down the water level depending on tides: it can be visited with small boat transfers and will let you enjoy a very unique stroll.


Another local attraction, of course still a "volcanic" one, is the Ardent Hot Springs. These hot water springs are collected in stone-made tubs, creating a very natural thermal site immerse in nature. It can be an ideal relaxing stop after trekking on the Hibok Hibok volcano, which grandly dominates the island.


And let's not forget snorkeling: it's unique and charming at the Giant Clam Sanctuary then, picturesque and mysterious at the Sunken Cemetery. This cemetery, once by the shore, was covered by sea water after an eruption that "moved" it by several meters towards the ocean. Many of the corals you willl encounter grew on the tombstones and you can indeed observe how several ones resemble their shapes. The area is now full of marine life and colourful fishes, a truly unique underwater experience!


Last but not least, there is the wonderful Mantigue Island, another place that shouldn't be missed, with its spectacular sea views and rich snorkeling sites. Even if you don't want to wear snorkel and mask, the location is perfect for chilling on the beach alternated with refreshing swims.

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