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Travel Insurance for the Philippines: What to Know

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Travel Health Insurance for the Philippines

Purchasing one is not compulsory and the correct answer could be “Yes, you most PROBABLY need it”. Anyway, it’s responsible enough to say that the wisest choice is to purchase one.

If you’ve never purchased one before, keep in mind that you have to purchase the travel health insurance from your country of origin before your departure. Organize yourselves at least some days in advance.

You are probably (and hopefully) not going to use it, but if ever you’ll have health problems during your trip you will be very happy that you spent a small amount of money in advance (travel health insurances are usually relatively cheap). If it won’t go up to saving your life, surely it will make matters much easier.

The Public Health system in the Philippines is not as developed and comprehensive as the Western countries’ and in any case, you are not covered for anything and must pay for any assistance you are going to receive.

If you want to access health assistance with Western standards, you most probably must go to private hospitals: you will find excellent ones especially in big cities like Manila and Cebu. Though, their fees are very high and you don’t want to find yourself paying thousands of Euros or Dollars in case of serious health problems. Better safe than sorry!


Other Travel Insurances (baggage, cancellations etc.)

They can be purchased together with a health insurance or separately or for specific services only (for instance, cancellation insurance for your international flight to the Philippines if you are forced to chance your plans). This is more of a personal choice, evaluating the costs arising and the risks you are willing to take.

In order to decide well, you should carefully read all the conditions given by your insurance company as well as terms and conditions already in place with provider of services (for instance, those of the tour operator organizing your tour of the Philippines or the cancellation conditions of your international airline).

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