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Peak Season and Low Season of Tourism in the Philippines

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There would usually be 3 tourism periods or “seasons” identified in the Philippines: Lean, High and Peak (or Super Peak).


Each season would have different tourist volumes present in the country, rates of flights and accommodations. Terms and conditions of tourism services change accordingly, too.


Lean Season of the Philippines (June to October)

The Lean Season would be from the months of June to October, which is the “wet” season and brings about quite a bit of occasional rain with warm temperatures. We would still have tourists going to different places around the Philippines but fewer in numbers. This season is ideal for travellers who want more peace and quiet, who’d want to avoid crowds and queues in their desired destinations. Hotel and flight rates would have more availability and also be cheaper during these months. At the same time, keep in mind that you should depart with extra adaptability!


High Season of the Philippines (November to May)

Months from November to May are those of the High Season. These months are our “dry” season (locals call it “summer”) when humidity drops along with the perceived temperature - though the weather is still tropically warm. These stretches of months are the favourite time of tourist to visit the Philippines not just because of the ideal local climate, but also because these same months are cold in most countries. People from Europe, the US or in other northern hemispheric places escape the winter and get warmed and tanned in this side of the globe.


Super Peak Tourist Periods

Then there are the Peak Periods with identified days per year. These are:

  • Holy Week/Easter, this falls usually on March or April

  • Chinese Lunar New Year which is a week on the month of either January or February

  • On December 20th until around the 5th of January the following year is the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations

On a destination-specific local level, a peak period could be the week of the city or town’s fiesta. See some of the most popular ones here.

Tips on Planning your Trip to the Philippines during Peak Periods:

During peak periods, the demand for services obviously increases. Generally speaking, tourist destinations do not become exaggeratedly crowded, though it’s suggested to book your tour of the Philippines quite in advance to secure reservations for your activities, transportation, services and accommodations. This way, you will avoid much higher rates or shortage of services.

A positive and interesting thing about this season to look forward to is that tourism establishments would be conducting special activities for guests to enjoy. Even city and provincial local governments organize activities and special merrymakings for the constituents to enjoy and they will be more than happy to welcome guests to join them! Filipinos love to celebrate! You will be able to witness how locals party and have their own unique ways to revel festivities.

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