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Travel Taxes and Airport Fees in the Philippines

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You may probably have read somewhere online that there is, there was or there may be a terminal fee to pay to exit the Philippines. It is quite important to be aware of it precisely and in advance, because it’s usually required to pay this kind of fees in cash and you will want to arrive at the airport with the right amount of money. Indeed, at the end of the trip you are actually likely to have spent all your local currency.

Fees for international flights (exiting the Philippines)

  • Manila Airport used to require foreign tourists to pay fees to leave the country. Now, terminal fees are NOT required anymore in Manila Airport. To be precise, you are still paying your terminal fees, yet they are already included in your flight ticket and you can proceed straight to departures without paying anything else.

  • Mactan Cebu Airport  on the contrary, currently requires to pay a “Passenger Service Charge” to foreign tourists leaving the country. The fee is 850 Philippine Pesos. It is equivalent to around 15 € or 16 USD. Note this information was lastly updated on June 2020.

  • Clark Airport asks for a Passenger terminal fee of 600 Philippine Pesos (around 11 € or 12 USD). Note this information was lastly updated on June 2020.

  • Other International Airports: the 3 above are the main international gates of the Philippines. For other Airports, you may check with your travel agent or research about the specific airport.

  • For Filipino Citizens or Residents of the Philippines: other rules apply, you may check with local authorities about the fees you need to pay to exit the country and how.


Fees for Domestic Flights (within the Philippines)

For domestic flights, as of writing (June 2020) it is not possible to give a comprehensive answer or make a precise list, since situations often change.

  • If you depart from Manila Airport, you won’t need to pay any additional fees, since they are already included in your ticket.

  • For other local airports, it depends by the local rules: most still ask to pay a terminal fee upon departure to both local and foreign travellers, usually not exceeding 200 pesos/person (less than 4 € or 4 USD).

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