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Vegetarian and Vegan Food Availability When Travelling To the Philippines

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Food variety in the Philippines

There’s great variety of food in the Philippines, created by a mix of different cultures and influences. The tastes vary from north to south, and one island would have a different version of another island’s delicacy depending on the ingredients and materials available (check the most beautiful travel destinations of the Philippines). Good news for vegans and vegetarians: fruits and vegetables grow abundantly in our tropical climate and landscape.


Vegetarian and Vegan Options in Common Restaurants

As much as Filipinos love meat (pork, chicken, beef), vegetable options are available in eateries and restaurants. They may not be widely available as the meat counterparts, but you just need to ask. They are even most likely offered in a cheaper price.

We advise to be precise in asking the staff/cook about the food’s ingredients as some of our local vegetable dishes have small bits or slices of meat mixed in them. Sometimes, they are marked as vegetarian despite this! You may ask to eliminate ingredients you don’t like upon ordering.

If you are somewhere in the Philippines and like to cook yourself, you could also visit the local "palengke" (wet market): you could be surprised of the variety of exotic vegetables you didn't know. Many ingredients that are considered expensive in your own country actually have a very low price in the Philippines (among others: moringa, okra, mangosteen, papaya, avocado, jackfruit and many different kinds of bananas).


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants: A Rising Trend in the Philippines

There is currently a rising trend of vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants in more hip and contemporary places both in the city and in popular beach towns.

The Filipino cuisine has also complex vegan and vegetarian recipes, aside from "just a simple salad". The culinary tradition actually has a lot of healthy options that are solely plant-based and they are being rediscovered thanks to the growing demand.

Also the number of Filipino vegetarians and vegans is increasing! Though still not very spread, more and more restaurants now have vegan and vegetarian sections in their menu to cater specifically to such growing markets.

Especially the favourite tour destinations of the Philippines are providing an increasing number of vegetarian and vegan food options, to meet the needs of foreign travellers as well as some of the locals.

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