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Bohol is renowned for its cultural heritage as well as natural wonders: the Chocolate Hills, waterfalls, freshwater springs, rivers, caves, mangrove orchards, beautiful off-shore islands, white-sand beaches and clear blue waters with abundant marine life. These features make it a truly special destination for adventurous tourism, ecotourism and scuba diving. Bohol is 70 km from Mactan Island of Cebu, so it is easily accessible by sea or air from the modern city.

This beautiful province is gaining popularity as an eco-cultural tourism destination in the region. It is an ideal spot for snorkeling and scuba diving and great for spelunking or cave exploration adventures, thanks to more than a hundred caves found in its mountainous interior.

A remarkable sight is the more than a thousand hillocks called the “Chocolate Hills”. You may also have an unforgettable encounter with the Tarsier, the tiniest wide-eyed primate found only in Bohol (it can fit into your palm!).

Dolphins sighting is almost certain in Pamilacan Island, that you can reach with an hour boat ride from the mainland. You may also try out the river cruise for a buffet lunch or oyster feast while you move along palm-fringed banks, lush inland vegetation and villages. The cruise ends near a waterfall where you can have a fresh bath.

From an historical point of view, a number of ancient churches constructed with coral stone blocks reflect the province’s rich history. There is also a commemorative shrine of an historical blood compact of Spain and the Philippines called “treaty of friendship”, overlooking emerald islands rising from the blue sea.

Bohol is considered as one of the most beautiful provinces of the Philippines and is gaining popularity as a top eco-cultural tourism destination.


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