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Boracay is a tiny island in the Western Visayas region. Travel  magazines and featured media articles have recently listed the island as one of the best tropical destinations in the world. We actually think they have a point.

Its white tranquil shores, the fascinating inner-land, equipped with the best services and accommodation in the country really make it an enjoyable and relaxing place.

Even if Boracay is so famous and conveniently serviced (with several restaurant choices and luxurious hotels), we think that it still  preserves its remarkable authenticity and is a rejuvenating experience for all the visitors.

The main attraction is its “White Beach”, with white powdered soft sand meeting the transparent and calm seas, fresh wind and a very astonishing sunset. Aside from relaxing and enjoying a massage or a drink on the (free) beach, there are numerous active pursuits available like kite surfing, snorkeling or parasailing among others . You might also want to hop on a motorbike and visit the inner parts of the island, more wild and raw than the more popular touristy areas but as beautiful.

We highly recommend a sunset trip on the sailboat and to have a peek on the countryside’s life of the other surrounding islands.
Boracay can be the main destination of your trip, or it can also be a 2-3 days stop for relaxing and enjoying the ocean, restaurants and night life before hopping on to another island adventure. Actually, we can assist you in finding different solutions for your preferred  service and price, with the best quality you always deserve.

Though dubbed as the most “commercial” of the destinations, it can surely be an appreciated Filipino experience. It has been always said that “You have not been to the Philippines if you have not been to Boracay”.

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