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Davao is the main city of Mindanao, the Southern Region of the Philippines. An advantageous climate (excluding the rainy season, the region is known for having always sunny days) and a wild flora and fauna makes it an alternative destination in confront of tourist spots in the country.

The local environment is made by pristine forests and wild beaches. Compared to the other areas of the country, the beaches here don’t have the classic Filipino texture of white soft sand. The shoreline is a mix of big grains’ sand or small stones and the sea is known for having a good concentration of Whale Sharks, visible from the coast for the luckiest, especially in certain periods of the year. Also marine turtles are quite spread and many of their species (of which there is also a sanctuary) are considered protected.

Davao is a crowded fast-developing city, with the tourism especially concentrated on the beautiful Samal Island, where the local natural environment is preserved very well. Here we can find white sand beaches and some of the best resorts of the region, like the famous Pearl Farm. The mangroves, like in the whole region, are the most interesting natural feature and they hold, aside from a strong ecological role, a big number of flora and fauna. In Samal Island you can also experience small-cottage living in one of the numerous family-owned resorts.

Eden Park is a mountain resort in Davao which offers a back to nature experience with their lush gardens and forests, exotic animals and comfortable and quiet accommodations.  The park also showcases organic vegetable gardens and cultural and tribal practices, displays and colors of this side of the country.
Out of Davao, the region is mostly characterized by its countryside and its traditional kubo-house. Going south, in Davao or in Digos territory, you can meet several small locally-owned resorts, mostly visited by locals in the week-ends. Driving on the coastal highway, you can glimpse on interesting pioneer-looking cities like Digos City (Capital of Davao del Sur) or General Santos City that, even without artistic features or developed facilities, can be interesting for those curious of experiencing the pure province of the region.

Another remarkable attraction of Davao is Mount Apo, the highest peak of the Philippines (almost 3,000 meters) and a potentially-active Volcano (potentially because not in human history any eruption has been reported). The volcano is one of the most popular destinations for hiking and climbing and averagely it takes two days to reach its summit. Here you can observe one of the most rare fauna and flora of the country, especially with the very famous Philippine Eagle, also known as the monkey-eating eagle, is the country’s national bird. During the hiking you can stop at a volcanic lake and also observe sulfuric vents coming out the soil.

Lastly, as Davao’s seas possesses rich marine life, seafood lovers can also enjoy this place as this is probably the best area for affordable and good fish, especially tuna. Davao’s climate favors their bountiful harvests of fruits like bananas, pomelo, mangosteen, and the exotic durian.  If you happen to book your trip in the month of August, it will be the perfect chance for you Davao’s grandest street festival of fruits called the Kadayawan Festival.


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