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El Nido (Palawan)

The north of Palawan Region, where El Nido is located, is made by extremely clear waters, pristine beaches and an amazing ecosystem made of tropical species both on marine and land areas. Also, El Nido is often topping the charts dedicated to the best beaches and tropical destinations of the world, being a “for-sure” satisfying trip for guests.

The accommodation system is mainly made both of small-medium family-owned activities, but some exclusive resorts are also in this area. This destination has been discovered not so long ago by mass tourism,  so, even if the number of visitors continuously increses every year, the area is not too crowded and maintains the mix of authenticity and good level of services that makes the whole Palawan, with Boracay, the most attractive and popular destination for tourists in the Philippines.

The “dome” shaped formation of the plenty islands completely covered by green vegetation, forms the typical local landscape of the bays. The so-called El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area is the largest marine sanctuary in the entire Philippines, where we can count around 50 white-sand beaches and more than 800 fish species.

The town of Poblacion, around 30,000 inhabitants, is the center of touristic flows and the place where it is offered accommodation and tourist services of different range and price, also permitting budget trips.

El Nido is connected with Puerto Princesa (the capital of Palawan) with a highway. From El Nido it is also possible to reach Coron with a ferry (this is anyway a long 8 hour budget-friendly trip, take this as a chance to view the vast seas and a whole lot of random islands scattered all over!).


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