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Health Situation in the Philippines

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Keeping safe when traveling applies to any destination around the world. It always helps to be informed, ready and aware before arriving to your destination.


The Philippines is a tropical country. Expect only 2 “seasons” – the wet and the dry season. These conditions may result to different health needs and cases that you may have been used to from your home country. Check with your local government health agency for announcements and requirements for travelling to the Philippines.


About vaccinations, please consult your doctor or public health agency in your own country, in order to evaluate if you are up to date with the main ones and be advised if you need it or not. This may vary also depending on your itinerary, length of your stay and other subjective personal variables that should be evaluated with a physician.


Both private and public hospitals and clinics serving patients with different needs are spread in the country.

It is encouraged to avail your own health insurances before travelling. Like in many other Asian countries, you can avail of Western standard health services in the private hospitals in the main cities of the Philippines, while the level of the services is generally lower in countryside areas and in public hospitals.


Please be reminded that hospitals can be expensive without an insurance, as well as transportation services: you can purchase a travel health insurance package in your own country for reasonable prices. Though not compulsory, this could resolve in advance your issues and let you travel with more serenity.


The country uses mainly western over-the-counter and prescription medicines. If you have specific health needs or a particular health condition, it is advised to bring along your prescribed medicines with the doctor’s written prescription and certificate/clearance for reference.

Though first aid medicines are widely available in pharmacies, it would be best if you pack with you your own set and brands of choice. 

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