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Do you tip in the Philippines?

Boat worker Philippines

Giving tips or “monetary gifts” to workers or service staff is not obligatory and is not necessarily expected. However, you may still give some, for example, if you feel that they have given exemplary service or went an extra mile when on duty as a token of appreciation. The workers will surely welcome this delightful gift and will not be offended.

A common practice would be rounding up a fee. Let’s say the service’s fee is Php88.00. You may give Php100 bill and let him keep the change.

Note that most restaurants in the Philippines already include a 10% “Service Charge” in the bill (this will be reflected in the invoice/receipt). So you may already consider this amount to be the “compulsory” tip. But, in another instance, still in a restaurant, and let’s say the waiting staff rendered excellent service which impressed you and this made you feel like giving him an amount as your way of saying thanks. In this case, 5-10% of your total bill could be fair as a tip amount.

It would help to familiarize yourself with local prices and average standard of living so you will have an idea of the terms and rates in the area. This way, somehow you will have a gauge of what’s fair and just for a tip amount.

Again, the amount is quite subjective and giving a tip is not deemed necessary, though always appreciated.

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