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How Many Days for a Trip to The Philippines?

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This is quite subjective. If we were to be asked, we’d say, the longer you stay, the better. =)

It would be best for you to maximize your free days so you can make the most out of your holidays.

Also, since travelling from your country of origin to the Philippines would usually take long hours, in certain cases almost a full day of flights and layovers, it’s better to make your stay worth the long trip.


Another thing to consider apart from your number of free days you have off work and budget allocations,  is what you actually want to do and how many places do you want to visit in the Philippines.


While most of our guests stay for an average of 15-20 days, the shortest time we can recommend for a Philippine holiday is 7-10 days already including your day of arrival and departure.

While there are so many things to see and do, we can say a very basic and packed tour can be done within 7-10 days already with some beach activities and touches of culture and adventure all perhaps in 2 or 3 destinations.


You can check our samples of Tours of the Philippines or our list of the Best Destinations!

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