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Tropical Experience Travel Services - Tours of the Philippines


Inbound Tour Operator - Your Business Partner in the Philippines


Tropical Experience is a travel agency and tour operator based in the Philippines with Filipino-Italian management. A duly registered tourism enterprise offering tours to different destinations of the Philippines as indicated here in this website. Tropical Experience mostly serves foreign customers who want to visit the Philippines, promoting both guided and unguided tours.

Tour operator Philippines

We are a small and dynamic company, which has among its strengths aspects like elasticity, prompt answer and dedication to the clients. We mostly operate online but in a very personal manner, giving a very customized and personalized touch to each and every tour proposal. We do not have the prepared standardized trips, what we do have are customized tours of high quality. Keen and up-to-date with the specific needs and wants of modern travellers, organizing all elements of a trip paying high attention to details from start to finish.


We are able to interface in English language with foreign travel agencies that desire to offer high quality tours to their clients. At the same time, thanks to a deep knowledge of the country and its tourism sector, we can be an ideal interlocutor with local operators for all the aspects of the organization of a tour package.


Furthermore, you can find with us a specialization in travels in nature, ecotourism and cultural tourism. And since the start of our activities, we’ve always been committed to promoting  responsible and sustainable tourism, an aspect of growing importance and appreciation for travellers.

Travel Agencies interested in offering the Philippines to their customers can contact us at the E-Mail address:


You can surf around the present website to find more information about us:



Candice Luna

+63 9998019918 (also available on Whatsapp and Viber)

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