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La Union

La Union is a province of Ilocos Region around 6 hours - by land travel - from Manila where people gather to catch some surfing waves. Located on the way (from Manila) to Vigan and Baguio, it is in a strategic position for a nice stop if you are already planning to visit these areas.

It is known to be the surfing capital of North Luzon, where tourists, specially surfing beginners, students, as well as professionals or even just spectators head off to the town of San Juan for the sun, sea, sand and to hit the waves of the South China Sea.

It won’t be a problem if you got no board or experience: surfboards are available for rent and surf trainers are there to give lessons with a guarantee that you can balance and ride your surfboard at the end of the session. The northerly secluded beaches cater to both local surfers as well as portions of the world surfing circuit. Surfing competitions are also happening here where surfers from all over the country and the world gather to exhibit their skills and glides.

You get consistent surf year-round in La Union, but if you want stronger and higher waves, you can catch them between the months of July to February. A significant advantage in choosing La Union as a destination derives from a prolonged dry season with just a little of precipitations.

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