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Staying Connected in the Philippines

Solutions are available if you’d want to stay connected with your family and friends (or work?) from home while you are on your holidays. There are 3 major service providers in the Philippines for your SMS and phone calls: Globe, Smart and Sun. Sim cards are on sale almost everywhere, it’s enough to get one from a reputable convenient store in one of your stops. Of course, you will also have to put credit in your Sim to be able to use it locally and internationally: load cards are on sale everywhere too.


Call and SMS rates vary per country. For calls from the Philippines to Italy, for example, would cost around Euro 0.36 for the 1st minute, then Euro 0.04 for each additional 6 seconds while 1 SMS to Italy would cost Euro 0.27. Local calls are about Euro 0.14 per minute and Euro 0.02 per local SMS.  (regular rates as of mid-July 2015). Instructions on how to make calls should be on the Sim pack. Call rates from Italy to the Philippines will depend on the network service provider.


You may also avail of the Internet services of your local network provider, perhaps to have a quick chat, a status post in your social network profile or make your chat group members jealous of your “at the moment” holiday photos you’ll send.

Regular rates for mobile internet is Euro 0.10 per 15 minutes. Instructions on how to access Internet would be in the Sim pack or you may ask your seller about it.


Other options are the Wi-Fi provisions in airports, in some hotels and establishments that usually come for free. You may just have to ask for the password from the staff.

There are also Internet cafes and stations in city centers with per hour rates who often also offer printing, fax, quick photo ID and photocopying services.

Remember that Internet signal vary from one place to another. Some of the more rural areas may not have complete reliability on internet services.