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Port Barton, Palawan

The Philippine Province of Palawan is particularly known for the beauty of its seas. In fact, some of its destinations are now world-famous. Yet, not many people know that this province is one of the biggest in the Philippines and many parts of it are still unexplored by travellers or were only recently discovered.

Among these places, you’ll find Port Barton, a small treasure you can discover passing the green mountains in the center of the island. And now also through a small airport serving only a limited number of domestic flights.

Upon reaching the town of Port Barton, you will realize that you are in an isolated location with low tourism development. Not all roads are paved and houses are just quite a handful or even under construction. Also, electricity power supply is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted in this small place.

Local guesthouses and small hotels are rustic and simple, yet the atmosphere is genuine, with peace and serenity seemingly reigning in this “Barangay”. Barangay means more or less “Neighbourhood”, and Port Barton is actually one of them, part of the wider San Vicente Municipality. For this reason the area is often identified with both names (Port Barton, or San Vicente).

Looking at the main beach, you will notice a very long arch of golden sand in front of a crystal-clear sea. At the back of the beach instead, you will find a long line of coconut trees and lush tropical flora.


Port Barton is indeed the ideal place for those that want to escape from the noise and spend days constantly listening to the sound of the waves while sleeping, eating, or just simply lounging on your hammock. You will also find several small bars and restaurants located straight on the beach, where you could find a bit of everything, from typical Filipino cuisine to fresh sea catch of the day, plus some kinds of international cuisine without frills.

You could also rent a kayak and go paddle along the coastline. Or,  you could decide to have an exciting day tour by boat. Many Island Hopping tours start in Port Barton: with those you can discover charming islets and do snorkeling into unspoiled waters. One or two day boat tours should almost be compulsory if you really want to enjoy the best of Port Barton.

You could also have many chances to encounter sea turtles, since they are very spread in this uncontaminated area rich of marine sanctuaries.

And then also enjoy waterfalls, very long inland beaches, animals, small farms: all the ingredients for an eco-tour immerse into nature experiencing the most genuine life of Palawan and of the Philippines.

In the end, you can include Port Barton in your tour of the Philippines if you want to experience places out of the beaten track, thus bringing with you some “adaptive” mood since the small hotels are very simple and with basic services. Yet for some few days, it could be the escape from chaos you were searching for and the peace and quiet you are in need of.

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