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"Your service and assistance were absolutely impeccable." (2019)

Dear Candice and Samuele,

I should premise that we were quite skeptical about your ability to satisfy all our needs, because we did not know you at all and we are used to interfacing exclusively with Italian operators. Also because we are quite demanding (which you probably realized yourselves), since we do not travel too often. But when we do, we won't settle for anything less that maximum comfort.


Well, moving forward from this introduction, we have to say that your service and assistance were absolutely impeccable.

This was clearly manifested especially after the emergency created by the sudden cancellation, the day before our international flight departure, of the Cebu Pacific flight Manila-Puerto Princesa. This crisis was solved in an impeccable way, while also booking a suite in a hotel conveniently near Manila Airport Terminal 3. Candice also served as a great tour guide for an impromptu program in Manila,  that included visit of Intramuros with a dinner in a typical restaurant.


All the rest of the tour were performed as planned, including the visit to the Underground River that risked to be removed from the original plan because of the flight cancellation that was rescheduled one day later.


Pangulasian Island in El Nido was absolutely fabulous, one of the best we've ever tried. The one we had in Coron was quite of an inferior level, despite all the awards and recognition they boast. Many of the activities they propose were charged, while the stay in Pangulasian already included several activities. 

Especially we are surprised to observe the neglect of the environment of the island (but obviously this criticism is about the resort, not about Tropical Experience). We reported some of this carelessness with some photos we sent. In a few words, a 3-star hotel with 5-star prices.


In any case, after Alessandra sent pictures of the trip to our friends, everyone is lining up to go visit the Philippines and for sure we will advise them to contact send their inquiries only to Tropical Experience Travel Services.


Good job and cheers to you!


Giovanni and Alessandra Milesi

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