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“Why Didn't I Go There Before?" (2013) 

My travel diary about the Philippines is enclosed in a simple question: why didn’t I go there before? The country is awesome and people are well-mannered and welcoming, with the trademark pf service with a smile. It is a tropical paradise without the crowd of mass tourism destinations, an adventure in crystal clear water and sand white and fine as snow.

I organized the trip with Tropical Experience, a travel agency lead by two young persons in love with the Philippines, Ecotourism and each other. I stayed very well with them. Aside from organizing overnight accommodations and transfers, they were our guide, giving the chance of a deep understanding of the Filipino culture. Without them, we wouldn’t do it.

During the trip we stayed in Boracay, a tiny island famous for the long white beaches and beautiful nature, abundant local food buffets and adventure rides on tricycles. Then, we moved to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, that the guys of Tropical Experience showed in a unique way: jeepney rides, old city tours on pedicab, nights discovering the multicultural meltin’ pot of the country.

Resuming, I suggest to have a trip with Tropical Experience, they are young, well-trained and passionate with their job.

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