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“You don't want to get out of the water anymore" (2018) 

Quite some time passed already,  but I keep thinking about ​our last February’s trip to the Philippines.

My group of friends and I wanted a slow-paced trip with a lot of sea and – among all the proposals we received – the one of Tropical Experience seemed to be the most interesting one.


We already had a tour 4 years ago and the Philippines were a pleasant surprise, so why not go back?


A Coron

​Upon arrival we were welcomed by Candice and Samuele and we departed for the first destination, Siquijor Island.

We had 3 days of relaxation, a lot of sea and fabulous sunsets. We did not miss an interesting visit to a local Sciaman, that allowed us to experience local traditions and beliefs.


A Siquijor

Another very exciting adventure was swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob. Staying in the water very near to this giants of the sea gives you so much emotions and excitement that you do not want to get out of the water anymore.


​Our last destination was Coron and what to say….white beaches, a sea with all the shades of blue and green and most of all a wonderful underwater scenery.


Coron (Palawan), Filippine

​While snorkeling, we were able to admire many corals, fishes and giant shells of many colours. All these scenes of paradise were not far from the shore, so it’s accessible to everyone, even to those that are not great swimmers.​


​It was a truly pleasant vacation, thanks also to our committed and professional tour escorts: they were attentive, caring and pleasant. They also let us taste food that was quite new for us, taking us to local restaurants.​


Thank you again Candice and Samuele for accompanying us around this wonderful country, a big hug from all our group and who knows…there might be a third trip to the Philippines!​​

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