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"You have passion for the things you do...and it's clear!" (2019)

Hi Everyone,

My husband Simone and I were searching for a new adventure. After our many trips in the United States, we wanted to see some nature and breathtaking paradise. 


Surfing the Internet,  I came across the travel agency Tropical Experience Philippines, managed by Samuele and his wife Candice. I immediately liked the website, so I asked for some information about the tours I saw, already assuming I would have received a reply after countless days...But actually,  I received a swift reply from Samuele who, with a lot of patience, created a customized tour for us.

Even though there wasn't enough lead time (we booked our flight on Christmas 2018), we were able to have a personalized tour organized and executed for us.

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Recensione Palawan
Recensione Palawan2

The only thing I had to do was to print the handbook with vouchers and tickets they sent me by emails some days before our departure, then they thought about EVERYTHING. These guys were exceptional, when we needed them, they were always available.

For sure, if we booked in Italy we would have never had such service!! The day tours they organized were breathtaking and surely they perfectly know the area and know how to advice where to go and with who. We're sharing here some photos of the wonderful tour we had.

recensione jessica tets.jpg
recensione simone coron
recensione jessica simone.jpg

If we will go back to the Philippines I'd not hesitate to contact the guys of Tropical Experience again.

Thank you Samuele and Candice, you have passion for the things you do...and it's clear!

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