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“I'd Trade a White Christmas for a White Beach" (2013) 

In the winter of 2011 a bunch of Shanghai University schoolmates and I decided to cheat-n-win against the cold.

There were roughly a dozen of us, led by Candice Luna (Tropical Experience Travel Services). We did 20 days and it was crazy.


I have to tell everyone who has never done this before, like I hadn’t at the time, that there are no words that do justice to the effect that getting on a plane in the dead of winter and getting off it about 3 hours later in absolute summer has on the psyche emotionally, intellectually and metaphysically.


Ok, maybe there are three words that come close: relief (as in orgasm), revelation, and magic.

Once you’ve come out of that original stupor (and if you hate being cold as much as I do) you could probably recognize a few distinct thoughts floating to the surface of your mind:

That is all it takes to cancel winter??!

Why the hell haven’t I been doing this forever??!

And my personal realisation:

I’d trade a white christmas for a white beach ANY DAY!


A few small things to keep in mind about the Philippines:

– Local folks are super nice and friendly (plus, most everyone speaks enough English to make your life a breeze)

– Local food is off the scale (I still dream of Soup No5 and Arrozcaldo with calamansi juice)

– You can go cheap

– Mangos!

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