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“Probably the Best We've Ever Done" (2017) 

We contacted Tropical Experience among others because we had read very positive reviews, and since I think when traveling and choosing agencies reviews are one of the most important things I couldn’t but write one myself.


We have traveled widely in Asia and I must say that the trip organized by Candice was probably the best we’ve ever done. We told her which destinations we wanted to see and she prepared a tailor made trip which included everything, private transfers, hotels, internal flights, private tours and much more. We toured for a month. It was way beyond what we had expected and apart from the absolute stunning beauty of the over 7000 Philippine islands, what surprised us the most was the kindness and cheerfulness of its inhabitants.

philippines bohol
philippines rice field
philippines dancers

Whenever we had any kind of query or curiosity Candice was always available either via email or just by calling her on the phone. It was always easy to get a hold of her, this is fundamental when traveling in such distant countries as you feel supported all the time.


She often called herself or sent us emails to check that everything was going well. She gave us a Philippine card which she topped up for us and which made calling easier and cheaper. The partners they work with on the various islands we met were all lovely and helpful and made our holiday one to treasure for a lifetime.

Candice Luna Tropical Experience
Rachel Philippines
Tour El Nido
Whale Sharks Philippines

Thank you Candice we won’t forget you and your amazing country we wish you the best for the future and for your family. We will be back!’

Coconut Philippines
Butterfly Philippines.jpg

Rachel and Annemarie

From Italy. Trip from: December 2016-January 2017

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