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“A Dream!" (2017) 

Hi, we are Roberta and Agostino and we just had an amazing trip to the Philippines!

We have to say thank you to Tropical Experience Travel Services and specially to Samuele, because I could have not been able to travel by myself, also because of my low English skills. There are not many tour operators offering the Philippines, and even less in Italian! With Samuele,  we agreed on a tailor-made trip, avoiding cities as one of our primary requests.


We started with a splendid trekking for visiting rice terraces and after sleeping in the kubo (the typical Filipino hut), visited the cave in Sagada and the unique site of the hanging coffins!!


Then the trip continued to Puerto Princesa, since my dream was to see the famous Underground River, charming with stalagmites, rock cathedrals and bats…

Then we finished with our fantastic stay in El Nido, everyday with a day trip visiting different islands, doing great snorkeling among corals and coloured fishes, with the boatmen cooking fresh picnic lunch for us! Such a dream scene – made into reality!


Samuele accompanied us during the first part of the trip. Then, for the second part he gave us (perfect idea!!) a local sim card to call him in case of any problem! This made us feel very safe, even if no troubles occurred, since Filipinos are very kind and helping people and everything went well. I do recommend this trip to everyone…it can be customized according to your personal taste. This job is not for everyone… A “Bravo!”  to Samuele who is truly fit for this profession.

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