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“A multicultural native style level that I never thought I could grasp in so short time" (2013) 

Dear Friends from Tropical Experience,
Exactly 1 year ago, I was arriving in the wild, exotic and colorful Philippines, giving myself a prize after a hard time.
The tropical blessed weather, pure water and delicious food healed my tired body + the awesome company of the staff that was absolutely attentious, giving and concerned.

tiago 2 sinulog.jpg

I can say that beside the gorgeous time I spent there I also made special friends. I need to give special thanks to Candice Luna who personally guided me  in a multicultural native style level that I never though I could grasp in so short time. I will remember for a huge while the Festivities in Cebu Island and the wild walks around the green and enchanting low-profile Bohol.
Another hug for Samu, who gave me all the attention when I was in Manila.

I hope you guys have a lot more success and keep up with the outstanding job. I hope we can see each other again!


tiago 4 sinulog.jpg
tiago 3 alona beach.jpg
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