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“5/5 Stars" (2017) 

Samuele asked me to write a review of my trip to the Philippines which happened by end of January 2017, carried out and realized through his travel agency, Tropical Experience.

Since he asked,  I thought, he probably guessed that I will write a good report…

And he guessed well.

But the continuous lack of time delayed this small 10-minute duty of writing a review. I wanted to do it immediately when we reached home, but 1 month has passed already….I’m actually a bit embarrassed of this delay, but finally here’s my review.

I’m a 73-year-old man (oh my God, I get scared), Italian (Roman) and my travel record is much above the average as compared to my friends of the same age. My trips are always with my wife. It is not easy for us to accept that someone accompanies us when whenever travel because we want to enjoy our freedom as much as possible.

My first thought and what I want to write is: if there could only be more travel agents like Samuele! Precise, attentive, reliable…his kind is so hard to find nowadays. We found Tropical Experience online and it immediately convinced us.


Our trip took us away from beaches and sea, even though we know they are beautiful. We chose to go the mountains of the North, to see the thousands-year old rice terraces. The road trip was long and slow – something we understand and couldn’t do much about. We faced it and we did it. We did not regret it: the rice terraces were really astonishing. It is really something worth to be visited, if you have time.


Apart from our interesting trip, I want to say that with Samuele, we did everything in the smoothest and most efficient possible way. The hotel he booked in Banaue was the best available and I believe the same also for the local guides that accompanied us walking through the 30cm-wide walls above the rice fields.

The trip on the Philippine mountains is not that easy and having a trusted person accompanying you is really comforting. We enjoyed everything with no worries thanks to the escorting of Samuele and his watchful eye (he also took a lot of pictures of us).

Truly, again, I have to say that trusting Tropical Experience was a lucky choice.


If I have to make a synthesis about this Travel Agency, I’d give 5/5 stars rating while knowing that I won’t be contradicted.

There, 10 minutes passed and it’s not necessary to make it any longer since I think I expressed well what me and my wife think of Tropical Experience. For these reasons, we recommend it to whoever want to have a trip to the Philippines, on the sea or on the mountains.

Thank you Samuele!

Vincenzo & Lia

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