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Surigao - Siargao

Surigao is 1 hour and a half flight from Manila, in the north eastern part of the Mindanao region. Here you can find beaches with palm-sized white pebbles, which make a unique sound of the crashing waves and the pebbles clicking against each other. While listening to this music, you can have the perfect view of the sunset. You may also trek up the hill to catch some cool breeze and have a panoramic view of the whole pebble beach stretch. The Tinuy-an Falls, also a popular destination in Surigao, is a 100 meter wide multi tierer water falls secluded in the middle of the jungle, where you can also have a fresh swim. A bamboo raft may take you nearer the falls and kiss the fresh mist of this majestic wonder.

A swim with the big schools of fish in the Enchanted River is a great experience, as the fish are very much visible in the clear waters. Then, a short boat ride will take you through mangrove forests and, between tall trees, to the point where the river meets the sea.

Surigao is a great starting point to discover even more beautiful places in this part of the country like the Siargao Island.

Surigao Philippines
Waterfalls Surigao Philippines
Enchanted River Surigao Philippines

Siargao Island, on the other hand, is where the waves and surfers meet. Dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, people from different countries gather here to be stoked in the waves by day and just have a relaxing bonfire and beer night with the young surfer community. Siargao Island, which hosts a young and active crowd, is greatly influenced by the winds and currents coming uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean, intensified by the Mindanao current running westward through the Siargao Strait. Professional surfing competitions, International Surfing Cups, will make you get to meet other enthusiasts and tourists as this is one of the top 5 surfing destinations in the world .

Aside from surfing, Siargao surely has a lot yet to offer. You may swim with stingless jelyyfishes in the lagoons, or just swim through several small underwater caves and lakes. You may paddleboard in the caves and get the chance to see the world’s smallest bat, and jumping 20-30 feet from a rock cliff into the waters may be your only way out of the cave! You may also do kayaking and marvel the beauty of crystal clear waters, beautiful corals, white sand, beaches and lush vegetations on craggy islands. Then, you may hop on into “naked” islands where there is nothing but sand and some bush. There would also be other islands with no electricity nor restaurants, where there are some few local villagers and their families who can help you out with your bbq picnic lunch by the shore. Yet another choice could be nature-made swimming pool with a rock as your diving board.

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Surfing Philippines Siargao
Siargao Philippines Ecotourism
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