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Siquijor and Dumaguete

Being part of 2 separate provinces, Siquijor and Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) are in good advantageous proximity to each other and can make an ideal part of your trip to the Philippines.

Negros Oriental province is part of Central Visayas region and its capital is Dumaguete, the biggest urban center in this area. People of Negros Oriental, as well as those of Siquijor, are commonly known for their exceptional kindness that you could easily observe yourself.

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental and is a small and pleasant provincial city, with some historical attractions and a pleasant baywalk. All the surroundings are characterized by low mountains just near the coast line, thus the landscape is a good mix of mountains and sea. Plenty of sea adventures are available, like dolphin watching, snorkeling and diving, especially in the world-famous Apo Island, where you can encounter sea turtles just by snorkeling or even with an easy luck of spotting them while strolling on the beach!

Some other interesting attractions are located in the inland side of the province, like Casaroro Falls or Balibansasayao Twin Lakes for some relaxing and refreshing activities. Not far from Dumaguete City you could also reach the unbelievably beautiful white Manjuyod sandbar, which goes above and below the sea level depending on tides.


The "Magical" Island of Siquijor

With a short ferry transfer from Dumaguete you can reach a unique and charming place like Siquijor Island. Siquijor is a province itself, one of the smallest of whole country. Siquijor is surrounded by a very beautiful coral reef and white beaches. Just walking from the beaches you can reach wonderful marine sanctuaries, perfect for a high quality snorkeling.

For a long time, Siquijor had a reputation of a place of magic and supernatural beliefs, which either attracted or pushed visitors away. In the island lives many sciamans (or "healers") which are experts in nature-based traditional medicine. Yet, they also formulate more curious concoctions like love potions!

While still being an off-the-beaten track destination, Siquijor is becoming increasingly famous for its natural beauties like beaches, waterfalls and caves. The most famous waterfalls are undoubtedly the Cambugahay Falls - 3-tiered waterfall & a swimming hole with clear waters, reachable by a short hike. A special mention is deserved by the giant Balete tree, a centuries-old tree that is considered as "sacred" by the locals. Just to make it more special, a fresh water spring flows out of it.

Among other things, you might like to know that the island was historically known as "Isla del Fuego" (island of fire in Spanish language). The Spanish colonizers were indeed impressed by the wonderful red hues of their sunsets and by the huge presence of fireflies.

For those eyeing for a day tour o change of scenario, Siquijor can also be your jump-off point to easily reach Apo Island.

If your coming to the Philippines, head on to this area of the country for a kaleidoscope of adventures!

Dumaguete Cathedral

Dumaguete, cathedral

Viaggio Siquijor Filippine


tour delle Filippine

Around Dumaguete

viaggi Filippine Siquijor


Balete Siquijor

Detail of the giant Balete tree

Ecoturismo Apo Island Filippine

Sea turtle at Apo Island

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