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Oslob and the Southern Cebu Province

Cebu is a very long and narrow island and is the most important island in the Visayas reqion of the Philippines. If you want go from the Northernmost tip to the Southernmost part of it, you need to drive for almost 200kilometers, while the “largest” part to cut through the center of the island is just 32 kilometers long. So, if we talk about Cebu we are talking about many different “worlds”: that’s why we dedicated a separate page for the capital Cebu City, and another one for the Northern part of the island.

On this page, we are describing what you’ll find moving southwards from Cebu City. Leaving the metropolitan through the main road, urbanization will fade and the landscape will typically be natural and agricultural. The natural landscape is periodically interrupted by scattered small towns facing the shore, all with some signs of the rich colonial past like ruins of forts, watchtowers, small churches.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob

Among them, the town that reached the greatest fame during the past years is Oslob. This coastal town gained its  fame comes mainly from the great chance of having a super-unique snorkeling with the whale sharks. Whale sharks are the biggest fishes in the world , growing  more than 14 meters long! They are generally considered harmless thus becoming widely known as the “gentle giants” of the sea.

The Oslob whale sharks became friends with the local fishermen who, early in the morning, serve them a plankton-based breakfast after reaching them with small paddle boats nearby offshore. This way, anyone could have the chance to join this interaction and be part of an incredible adventure, a remarkable experience of swimming in the sea with these free animals in their natural habitat.

The Kawasan Falls complex

The area is known also for the presence of beautiful waterfalls. Nearby Oslob you could find the Tumalog falls, which can offer a nice refreshing stop-over. The more famous spot anyway is the waterfall complex of Kawasan in Badian town. Here the water gets a special intense light blue colour and the rock formations shaped the local landscape beautifully. The Kawasan falls is a very good stop for a swim in semi-fresh water. You could visit them just by strolling in the forest, reaching the last waterfall of this multiple-waterfall-system and swim in its small lake. For the more adventurous ones, there is also the chance of canyoneering activities exploring the whole complex with the support of local guides. The Kawasan canyoneering activity takes some action-packed hours and it’s more advisable to sporty people.

Sumilon Island

Going back to the sea, a quite famous spot of Southern Cebu is the small Sumilon Island. Sumilon means “shelter” in the local language and this island was, in fact, a refuge for the local fishermen during the storms. Now instead it’s a pleasant place immerse in nature with snorkeling areas, a sand bar, beautiful beaches and walk paths in the forest. Worth a try for a day of chill!

Moalboal and Pescador Island

Last yet not the least, another place that is worth to be mentioned is Moalboal. In this municipality, you can find a nice beach with several hotels and restaurants alongshore. It’s a great place to relax, to enjoy beautiful sunsets but most of all, it’s a special place for snorkeling and diving. From Moalboal’s main beach you can already snorkel and see many colorful fishes and sea creatures. Getting a boat you could also reach the small Pescador Island, a marine sanctuary where it’s easy to spot big schools of fishes like sardines, as well as sea turtles and other beautiful creatures.


The south of Cebu has a lot to offer, with  unique surprises for any kind of traveler. It’s worth the visit if you’re heading in this part of the country, a real magical experience with nature!

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