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Our Sustainability Purposes

Tourism is a great occasion to realize ourselves and to open our minds. Also, while experiencing something new and having fun, it is an opportunity to significantly contribute to the communities and their development.
On the other hand, tourism may bring threats to the local community through the depletion of natural resources, social exploitation or environmental damages.

We do love the people, environment, landscape, vegetation, animal creatures and all the amazing things being offered in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. We would want that our trips to have an approach oriented to social development, environmental protection and fair economic development. We believe that this is advantageous as it  also enhances the quality and the value of the travel experience. We believe in the sensitivity of our clients towards sustainable development , thus, we want to give them the choice to have a sustainable experience.

Every time it is possible, we will try to apply the following principles:

1. favor local low impact transportation means whenever it is possible (i.e. sail-boat instead of motor boats);


2. privilege hospitality in small, local family-owned accommodation businesses, hotels or cottages instead of big environmental impacting structures, thus, truly supporting the local economy;


3. favor purchase processes that really bring economic development to the local communities;


4. favor the use of local food, excluding endangered or illegal species (i.e. for sea products);


5. stimulate an approach that takes care of the whole impact of a trip, trying to “leave nothing but footprints” on the places, respecting the environment and endangered species;


6. stimulate the visit of ecotourism sites supporting local community and accredited organizations;


7. respect local culture and habits, avoiding improper behavior and disturbance;


8. assist physically challenged tourists offering feasible and customized solutions;


9. market a sustainability approach of the tourism in our communication processes;


10. adopt equitable business procedures, paying and charging fair prices, minimize risks for our stakeholders, and recruit and employ staff in a responsible manner;


11. promote education and awareness for sustainable development and culture of sustainability – for all stakeholders;


12. fight against sexual aggravation , labor harassment and other kinds of exploitation of human beings.