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Environmental and Social Sustainability: Our 12 Purposes

Travelling often gives you a sense of self-fulfilment and a good chance to open your mind. While experimenting, exploring and having fun, you also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the communities you are visiting. This way, you feel that you are part and one with the planet you love, the same planet that astonishes you with its beauty!

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Tourism could also be a threat to the local communities. It may cause depletion of natural resources and environmental damages.

Good news is, you can do something about it: very often, the effects of our travel experiences on environment and society depend on our own behaviours and choices.

We love the people, the environment, landscape, plants, animals and all the other marvels abundant in the islands of the Philippines. We want our tours to be oriented toward social development, environmental protection and a fair economic development.

We strongly believe that  sustainable tourism gives a big advantage also to travellers themselves. 


We trust in the consciousness of our clients towards the principles of sustainable development. Thus, we want to give them the chance to choose a sustainable experience for their holidays.

Whenever possible, we try to apply the following principles in preparing your tours:

Our 12 Sustainability Purposes

1. To choose local and low impact means of transportation.

2. To offer the option to have overnights in small hotels, locally or even family-managed.

3. To promote the purchase of local products - like souvenirs - that are genuinely and tipically Filipino to support local economies and communities.

4. To suggest consumption of local food and cuisine, coherent with local cultures and traditions, that is locally produced and are supplied with low environmental impact.

5. To stimulate the self-consciousness of our clients about the impacts of tourism, trying to "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time” in the visited places as respect to the environment.

6. To encourage the visit of parks and ecotourism sites which support local communities with an approach that is coherent with the principles of sustainable development.

7. To cultivate appreciation and respect of local cultures and habits, avoiding improper and disturbing behaviours.

8. To manage and  facilitate an exceptional holiday to everyone, providing customized solution to those travelling with children, elder people, people with medical conditions, disabilities or other personal / special needs.

9. To effectively utilize our communication channels to promote a responsible and sustainable approach on tourism and travel.

10. To present fair and transparent prices to our clients, establishing fair relationships also with our local partners and suppliers, minimizing economic risks for all stakeholders.

11. To cooperate with everyone, giving value to diversity and differences, eliminating all discriminations based on ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, disabilities, age, religion or other aspects that pose a threat to individuals' personal freedom.

12. To promote tourism that discourages and refuses all kinds of exploitations (sexual, of labour and any other kind of human exploitation).

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