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With its cool breeze and fresh air, Tagaytay is an ideal place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, strolls, camping and even to play golf. It is a popular getaway destination of families, group of friends or couples from Manila as it is just a little bit more than an hour drive. An escape from the chaos and hussle of the city, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Tagaytay is home to the world’s smallest active volcano, the Taal Volcano situated in the middle of Taal Lake. You can reach the Volcano Island by a short boat ride, then you can take a hike or have a donkey bring you up the crater for a breathtaking view. You may have your picnic under a tree or in a cottage in a mini park after your horse take you around while you view the volcano island and the lake from afar.


A zipline ride is available for capturing the view with a spirit of adventure. If you play golf, then, Tagaytay is the perfect place for you as it hosts the best golf club in the country with its courses set amidst hilly terrain and ravines, equipped with world-class ammenities and services.

If you are a food enthusiast, you’ll never run out of restaurant choices in Tagaytay, from grilled seafood, to contemporary western cuisine, some offer typical Filipino food, while some resort hotels serve their freshest harvest from their garden to your plate. Its cool climate favors bountiful harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables found in the city market or in tiny stalls along the roads for great bargains.


With all these and more, Tagaytay is worth a  destination stop for a day or two!

Taal Volcano Philippines
View of Tagaytay
Philippines Tagaytay tour
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