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Philippines - Covid-19 Travel Advisories and Updates 

This page will be updated with the latest advisories and most relevant news regarding the Covid-19 global pandemics and its effect on travelling to the Philippines.

The purpose of this page is to give general and collective information to those who intend to travel to the Philippines for tourism purposes.

The information you'll find below might not be updated nor accurate. For legitimate information, you should always consult the official online and/or offline sources of the Public Authorities in the Philippines and/or in your country of origin.


Extended Quarantine/Lockdown in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Laguna + different measures for the other Provinces

Starting March 17, 2020, different levels of quarantines have been in place in different provinces in the Philippines. A "Enhanced Community Quarantine" (ECQ) was declared in Metro Manila, Cebu and other "high risk" Provinces until May 15, 2020. Yesterday (May 13, 2020) the ECQ has been extended - in a modified version - until May 31, 2020 for Metro Manila, Laguna Province and Metro Cebu. The modifications consist in a partial lift of certain limitations, partially resuming limited public transportation services and work for limited industries.

The other Provinces of the Philippines are observing less strict quarantine measures depending on their current situation. Fortunately, several provinces did not record any Covid-19 case during the past months.
Among the several measures of ECQ: suspension or limitation of public transportation, suspension of schools and non-essential works, limited schedules of supermarkets, increase of medical tests, compulsory usage of masks, permission to go out of the house only for essentional needs, military and police checkpoints.

International Flights

As of now, only limited international flights are operating at Manila and Cebu's Airport. You may check with your airline for the available schedule. Only limited categories of passengers are allowed. Link Inquirer.
As of now, both Filipinos and foreigners arriving in the Philippines will be required to undergo testing and quarantine in government-supervised facilities. Link Rappler.

Epidemic Status: Official Bullettin of Department of Health

The latest Official Bulletin published on the Facebook Page of Department of Health as of May 12, 2020 (link) recorded a total of 11,350 of Covid-19 confirmed cases in the Philippines. Recorded recoveries so far are 2106. Recorded deaths are 751.

Next updates will be published on this page when we'll have significant news to share that are related to tourism in the Philippines. Again, please be reminded that this is not an official service.

Please remember to:

  • respect quarantine guidelines in your own place

  • practice social distancing

  • wear masks or other protective gears as directed by your local authorities

  • always wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your face

  • stay healthy in mind and body

  • keep dreaming about your future travels! The Philippines will be waiting for you!