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What to Bring When Travelling to the Philippines

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What to wear Philippines

This question can be answered depending on your planned activities for your travel. However, whenever traveling to any destination, it is always advisable to travel light.


When going in and around the Philippines, it will be very convenient to have a strong and sturdy yet lightweight or an easy-carry baggage when moving from one island to another. Some flights to small island destinations have baggage weight limits due to aircraft restrictions. Of course, there are basics like passports and mobile phones, return tickets and documents.

As much as possible, bring only what is necessary, keep in mind that there are quick laundry services available for your used clothes in most of hotels and resorts, or nearby establishments. Toiletries, beach towels, hair dryers may also be provided by some hotels. Plus, you will have to leave space for your souvenir shopping!


Most of the people traveling to the Philippines head to the beaches. So, here are suggestions on what to pack for a sea lover’s holiday:

  • Lightweight and cotton clothing

  • Swimwear

  • Sandals – water proof, comfortable

  • Sunglasses with UV protection

  • Head protection  from sun (cap, hat or bandana cloth)

  • Underwater camera – great for snorkeling and diving

  • Camera with big memory card! – for still shots and videos

  • Toiletries -  if you prefer your personal brands

  • Medications – 1st aid and if you have prescriptions

  • Sun protection cream – widely available in the Philippines, too

  • Sun soothing lotion – to apply to your sun-kissed tan

  • Anti-Mosquito lotion – widely available in the Philippines

  • Waterproof hand carry bags – for sea travels

  • Snorkeling gears/diving equipment– if you prefer to use your own

  • Aqua shoes (to protect your feet if you need to walk on low sea-beds. In any case, you can buy or rent them in the Philippines)

  • Hair drier – if you cannot stay without it, you may consider bringing a small personal hair drier. They are not commonly spread in the Philippines and your hotel may not have one especially those in remote areas.


If you are going to experience the Philippine mountains (for instance, visiting Banaue Rice Terraces) you could add the followings to your list:

  • Trekking shoes are useful only if you are going to challenging paths (you might not like to carry them around for your whole trip for using them one day only)

  • A waterproof backpack can be useful

  • Rain protection

  • Jacket – can be a bit chilly up in the mountains


You may have your own list of things that you might feel necessary to bring – like a good book, selfie-sticks, your laptop, sketching notebook or your lucky puppy toy that you think will make your travel more “you”. Bring them along as long as you enjoy your holidays how you want it. 

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