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Blog - Hot and Natural: Hot Springs in the Philippines 

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The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. Most of these islands are of volcanic origin with rich soil and beautiful natural landscapes. And when there are volcanoes, there are definitely hot springs!


A hot spring resort just by the sea, surrounded with lush mangrove trees.

Hot springs are a result of natural water systems springing out at the base of a mountain or volcano that are heated as they pass by above a “lava bed” under a volcano. Water may also be heated by coming into contact with magma. Warm springs are sometimes the result of hot and cold springs mixing but may also occur outside of volcanic areas. The most soothing hotsprings are those with water a little bit above the human body temperature – normally between 36.5C and 37.5C.

Have rejuvenating swim in one of the many hot spring resorts this country has to offer. It can be a great source of relief and relaxation while enjoying the beautiful natural scene that surrounds you.

Since hot springs in the Philippines are almost always in a natural environment, the body  is receiving all the 5 elements: earth (the ground in which the spring is held); metal (the range of minerals in the spring water); water (the spring water itself); wood (the lush forest or mangrove trees surrounding the spring) and fire (the source of heat of the water, and the sun above your head). Such a complete treat!


A hot spring with natural rock formations and trees that serve as cooling shade

A dip in a natural hot spring is relaxing as it can dissolve stress and unnecessary tension. Soaking in can also be an amazing therapy for a number of reasons. The heat from the water and the healthy sweating it produces have a thorough cleansing effect on our skin and entire body mind system. Because heated water can hold more dissolved solids, warm and especially hot springs also often have a very high mineral content. It is claimed to have folklore and medicinal value that makes natural hot spring resorts a popular tourist destination, some even as an ideal location for rehabilitation clinics.


One with nature: Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with the rich benefits of hot springs

The numerous hot springs in the Philippines are just yet another addition to the long list of astonishing discoveries to be unfolded! Come to the Philippines and immerse into the many natural wonders this paradise has to offer!

(written on June 2014)

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