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Despite the pandemics throwing challenges to the international tourism sector, our tour operator successfully renewed its annual social responsibility campaign: 4 full annual scholarships were given to 4 Filipino college students!

Alba Filippine

2020 has shocked the world  in unexpected ways. Travel enthusiasts can only wait, dreaming of future trips. Yet this waiting time can also be transformed into a time of reflection,on how we can improve with the “new” world that’s waiting for us after the Covid-19 Pandemics. Fresh scenarios are going to open up to us!

El Nido sunset.jpg

We can say that we know more than a bit about the Philippines, thus we selected for you some of those we think are the most representative destinations in terms of romanticism. We included some world-famous destinations and also some less-known places deserving more attention.


Sometimes you really need to take at least a bit of a look at the past to fully grasp the current shape of a place! That's what happened when we visited the small "Moro Watchtower" of Camiguin. This tiny Filipino island is a natural raw beauty, though it also has an interesting history!

logo vertical with name.png

Our official logo recently underwent a transformation. After 7 years of operations, we thought that a refreshing new take on our company’s symbol of representation would perhaps be a good idea. After some brainstorming and research, taking inspirations and fuelling our imaginations, we are pleased to present to you our new logo.

Manggyan Village

The Iraya-Mangyans are one of the 8 indigenous groups of Oriental Mindoro (Philippines) who are known for their skill of nito-weaving, a unique art that celebrates their tradition and culture. 

Smokey Mountain Foundation

After the success of the 2019's edition, we decided to renew this campaign for 2020: for each traveller who will book a tour with us between February 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021, 5 € will be committed into a fund to raise a scholarship!

Pinaglabanan San Juan

A personal stroll around San Juan Del Monte (Metro Manila) to observe its parks, retail establishments, mini-shops, convenience stores, old houses and modern buildings. With a glimpse of nice museums and landmarks of a glorious past!


People are apprehensive to travel way past their "prime". This post shows you why travelling in your 50s can still be fun!


Truly all of us want to get the most out of our money especially in traveling, but you must also know when and where to save.


With its clear waters, towering cliffs, lush forests, and rich coral reefs, Palawan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


It has never been this easy to help the needy of the Philippines. By supporting their opportunities to study and work, a lot can be done. 


Enjoy the comforts of being a "well-taken care off" guest while going around the beautiful shores and heights of the Philippines. 


Interestingly, the Philippines has its own form of martial arts that can be traced way back to the precolonial times.


In search of travel itineraries without lingering too far from the capital? This is what you are searching for.


In search of travel itineraries without lingering too far from the capital? This is what you are searching for.

Camiguin header

Sandbars truly are among the most beautiful things you will see in the Philippines. Interestingly, they submerge during high tides and become visible during low tides.


Let's get to know the Philippines through some glamorous lenses. 10 Filipino celebrities chosen to represent the country!


The welcoming attitude of Filipinos is refleced also into their acceptance of diversity and different lifestyle. That is why the Philippines is a genuine gay-friendly destination.


If you are not used to intercontinental flight or if they somehow bother you, read our tips on how to enjoy them in a smooth way.


We are opening the door of our house for you. Discover the peculiarities of these stunning textiles of the Philippines and learn more about this wonderful archipelago.

Agenzia locale Filippine

Sustainable travellers aim to help and support local economies during their trips. What does it mean, exactly? Let's consider some focal points together.


Filipinos clearly have a sweet tooth! And that's why they traditionally prepare delicious desserts, coming from their tropical native traditions and the Spanish and American influences.

Boracay apertura

What are the best months to visit the Philippines? What are the so-called "rainy season" and "dry season"? Let's talk about the climate of the Philippines.


Samuele shares with all of us his 10 best spots in Metro Manila. Get some ideas for a day tour in the capital of the Philippines!


In the center of the Philippines there is a mysterious and beautiful island that used to intimidate travellers as much as it attracts them now. Let's find out more!


After our promotional tour in Italy, we find out one thing: Italians can't wait to discover the Philippines as the country's popularity continuously increase!


Many of the greatest natural beauties in the world are made of limestone rocks decorating both mountain and marine landscapes. They are also creating beautiful caves and rock formations.


From Italy to the Philippines, a top10 of the best Filipino food chosen for you by Samuele.

Snorkeling Filippine

If you love snorkeling and the beauty that lies below the sea level, keep in mind these tips to do it sustainably and respecting marine creatures.


If you like mango but you haven't tried it in the Philippines, you still haven't tried the best! Learn more about the wonderful mangoes of the Philippines and find also Candice's mango pie recipe.


If you visit a land rich of volcanoes, you can expect a lot of surprises like natural hot springs. Relaxing, fun and picturesque places to rejuvenate in contact with nature.


Traveller or tourist? These two terms were made into each other's opposites for quite some time already. Do you identify yourself as a part of these two groups?


Tropical fruits are available all over the Philippines. In Davao, you can find extra special varieties. Let's look at them together!



Tropical fruits are available all over the Philippines. In Davao, you can find extra special varieties. Let's look at them together!

Banaue Filippine


Tropical fruits are available all over the Philippines. In Davao, you can find extra special varieties. Let's look at them together!


Remember the "Don't date someone who..." series? We also had our very own Tropical Experience's version, just more positive!


Panglao island is part of the province of Bohol. A must-see when visiting this province as well as a place that should be treated very well.


Following our motto: all the colours of the Philippines, designed your way. Here's a collection of these beautiful colours!


We spent an afternoon going around Intramuros with a pedicab, one of the many means of transportation available in the Philippines!


The King of the road of Manila as well as the provinces. It is a uniquely Filipino mean of transportation with a lot of history. Let's learn about the Jeepney.

Samuele Falcone Tropical Experience

Translation of a 2013 interview to Samuele published on the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.


Milan in Italy and Manila in the Philippines: they are two distant places yet they have a lot of things in common thanks to...Filipino people!

Bulaquena Half

The Tagalog, the "people from the river", are generally known as the people of the North of the Philippines. Let's find out a bit more!


Adobo is the most famous and renowned Filipino dish. Do you know how to cook it? We have great tips for you!

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