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Blog - For the 4th Consecutive Year,  Tropical Experience to Fund Scholarship - 2020 Campaign: 1 booked traveller = 1 scholarship donation

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(written on April 2020)

In this very peculiar historical time, the world of travels is in turmoil and there are many other things to prioritize in the short term. For personal needs, survival  and  solidarity, most of the global efforts are directed towards Coronavirus-related issues (and it couldn’t be any different).

Albeit this, there are many other difficulties that exist in the world. Also this year, like  all the past years, the students of Tondo (Manila) need our help to have access to education. And,  the Cov-19 quarantine is also implemented on them!

Baia di Manila.JPG

A view on Manila Bay

During the past 3 years, through several campaigns, we granted 1 scholarship for an elementary school student and 2 scholarships for college students. Last year we launched our campaign “1 traveller = 1 donation”: for each person who booked to travel with Tropical Experience  during 2019, 5 € were placed in a special fund . This campaign allowed us to gather a donation of 24,000 Philippine Pesos (more or less 400 €) to Young Focus Foundation who extend scholarships and educational assistance to students in need.

Young Focus Tondo
Tondo Manila

Visiting the headquarters of Young Focus in Tondo, Manila

We decided to renew this campaign for 2020: for each traveller who will book a tour with us between February 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021, 5 € will be committed into a fund to raise a scholarship!

Young Focus is located in Smokey Mountain, a very poor area of the already-troubled Tondo, a district in Manila. Thanks to the effort of Young Focus and its donors, 700+ students received access to education and have the chance to radically change their lives, which is almost impossible to happen otherwise. Last year, this Foundation also gained popularity, thanks to Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2019 from the Philippines, who was already participating as a volunteer of the foundation even before becoming famous.

Catriona Gray

A photo of Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray, in the headquarters of Young Focus

Our Project, being linked to the number of travellers who will book with us,  will be quite dependable on the evolution of tourism industry during the rest of the year. As we know, this is not exactly a time to travel, but we are hopeful that the situation will change soon. For us, this Project is an extra reason to motivate ourselves to keep going, stay positive and to encourage everyone to do extra efforts to stay home now, to be then able to restart our (regular) lives as soon as possible.

Computer Tondo Manila
guitars Manila

Computer and music room at Young Focus Foundation

Just last January of this year, Samuele of Tropical Experience visited the headquarters of Young Focus once more and also had a chance to meet the specific student who is currently being supported by the scholarship of Tropical Experience. He found a cordial and motivated lady, sincerely grateful and keen to fulfill her goals despite the many difficulties facing her.

In this page of our website, you’ll find details of all our Projects from 2017 to 2020. We also published the receipts of all the payments we made for maximum transparency.

Smokey Mountain Manila
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