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Blog - Solidarity, Quadrupled: Tropical Experience Funded 4 Scholarships for Filipino Students in Need for 2021

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(written on June 2021)

Despite the pandemics throwing challenges to the international tourism sector, our tour operator successfully renewed its annual social responsibility campaign. With a big surprise! Instead of the initial goal of 1, there would now be 4 college students receiving full scholarships. This was made possible thanks to the generous donations received.


Most of international tourism is still suspended and the global health emergency still demands attention. For this reason, it was an extra challenge for us, the tour operator Tropical Experience, to fulfill the solidarity campaign that we have been organizing on an annual basis since 2017. Happily, it was possible to do 4 times better: instead of only 1 as originally planned, there will now be 4 college students receiving annual scholarships from our program. This was possible thanks to the participation of our clients, followers and friends plus some of our direct donations. Thank you to all those who joined us in this purposeful goal!

In 2017, Tropical Experience started supporting Young Focus Foundation (, an organization that works in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Manila. The Foundation gives assistance to local young students in order to help them receive proper education. This is done through scholarships and support starting from kindergarten until university.

For many years, Young Focus  gave the chance to many kids to break free from poverty and change their lives through the power of education. As communicated by Young Focus in their Thank You Letter published on our website, the pandemic is having an impact not only on the Philippines' public health, but it is also creating an education crisis in huge proportions. With the closure of schools, which started already more than 1 year ago, and with low chances of reopening soon, many families are concerned about the long-term effects on their children.

The hardship of distance learning increased when combined with extremely poor life conditions. In order to avoid the pandemic easily becoming a vector of school dropouts for the most economically fragile students, it is fundamental to give all the possible help now!


One of our visits in Tondo, Manila (Photo: Tropical Experience).

Our campaign can be viewed and examined  in detail in this dedicated page of our website (link). Said campaign was initially planned to be funded through our program "1 Traveller = 1 Donation", a formula already successfully carried out in the 2019 campaign. For each traveller booking a tour with us during 2020, we would have pledged 5€ in favor of a scholarship fund to provide 1 full scholarship at the end of the year. With the forced stop of tourism, our campaign was interrupted. Thus, we called on our followers, clients, friends and acquaintances to help us in gathering the necessary funds (24000 Philippine Pesos, equivalent to around 400 €) despite the suspension of our activities. Surprisingly, we were approached by a special donor who wished to stay anonymous and gave extra support by entirely providing the needed amount for 3 extra scholarships! 96,000 Pesos (equivalent to 1600 €) were then donated by us to Young Focus, financing 4 annual scholarships for 4 college students!

Computer Tondo Manila

The Pawikan featured in the Philippine currency (1000 pesos bill). The beauty wandering about in the Tubbataha Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Accounting, reporting and official receipts of the project are published on our website here (link).

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