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Blog - Support the Right to Study and the Work of Young Focus in Manila - Funded!

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Our Initiative

We live in Metro Manila, an enormous city with big contrasts: history and modernity, luxury and poverty. Often, difficulties of many people living in this city derive from the lack of education and consciousness of what the modern world needs from us.

Unfortunately, education in the Philippines is often a luxury that many cannot afford. It is a pity, because education can take us very far: it can change the life goals of a child and of the community he’s part of. Schooling from elementary to high school and maybe college is something taken for granted in Western countries, but it’s not the same in the Philippines.

For these reasons, we decided to support Young Focus, a foundation that helps children and young adults who have no chances nor access to proper education to uplift  their lives for better.


A neighbourhood in Tondo, Manila. Young Focus works in this area.

Why is Education Important

Educated children become self-confident children, and these girls and boys will be the future adults who will able to provide for themselves and their families.  Then, later on, their kids will have the social and economic means to live. Their communities will benefit from their progress and their example.

Young Focus is an ideal foundation that materially takes care of sending economically disadvantaged children and young adults to school. Otherwise, these youngsters will never or much less likely be able to have an opportunity to be educated. We personally went to Tondo, the poorest area of Metro Manila, to witness their extraordinary job.


One of the Pre-schools managed by Young Focus in Tondo.

Our Fundraising to Provide a Student with School Expenses for 1 year

With 18000 Philippine Pesos (around 300 euros) we can sponsor a student for 1 year, paying tuition fees, uniforms, school materials, books and tutoring services of the brave Young Focus, which accompanies kids from pre-school to College.

We are collecting this amount to start giving our support to 1 future student together with all those that contributed to the wonderful success of this foundation.

Give your contribution by clicking here

You can donate by using your credit card, even just a small amount.


Visiting the local community with Young Focus.

Our Fundraising to Provide a Student with School Expenses for 1 year

Good Things Happen

Smokey Mountain (near where the foundation is located) is a giant dumping site at the suburbs of the city, source of income for a great number of families that survive searching for items of some value by scavenging  in this big mountain of garbage. In the middle of all this, we found very functional pre-schools, built for free by the Foundation, thanks to the received donations, open to serve everyone with no distinction nor discrimination. The personnel is highly qualified and a big part are former students that found a way out from marginalization thanks to the work of Young Focus.

Thanks to education, many people left poverty behind, were able to get real homes and in several cases also to graduate in college and are able to work in big local companies.

In the headquarters of Young Focus,  you find a library, computers and handcraft laboratories, tutoring and workshop rooms so that the students can spend their free time in a profitable way and in a healthy environment.


POSIBLE = possible. Young Focus promotes good examples in the neighbourhood, exposing the success stories of its student.

What We Are Doing

Many people, mostly our visiting clients,  during our past  years of activity asked us for advices on how  to contribute to the development of the Philippines in a “smart” way. We found an answer. With 300 Euros, we can sponsor a student. If this idea succeeds, we may even propose other campaigns like this one. We showed the initiative by giving the first partial donation, now it’s your turn to help us to reach the fiscal goal and help Young Focus with their great job.

To donate with credit card and to read the mechanisms, click here: 

For questions, you can write us at

To get to know more about Young Focus, you can visit  their  website . You can also find  instructions on how  to directly donate to the Foundation if you want to fully sponsor a student by yourself.

Questions and Answers

How can I donate?

Follow this link and its instructions: it’s easy!

Is there a minimum or maximum donation?

No, you can donate the amount you like, writing your name or in anonymously.

How can I be sure that this Foundation exists?

We personally visited Young Focus. At the link you can find all the information you need.

To whom will this money be given?

The money we will collect will be given to the Foundation. They will make them available to one of the many students for the new school year. The student will not receive cash, but Young Focus will cover  for his/her expenses . Young Focus offers free pre-schools, while they support students from Elementary school to College with scholarships.

How will you report about the whole process?

On our website ( we will upload the receipt of the payment done by the platform The donation of the equivalent 18000 Philippine Pesos to Young Focus will be made with a deposit on their local bank account. The corresponding bank receipts will be uploaded in the same above-mentioned web page.

What’s the Euro/Philippine Pesos exchange rate?

At the moment the exchange rate is around 1€=59 pesos. The campaign goal is equivalent to around 300 euro.

Are there donation fees?

The platform GoFundMe applies fees for each donation to support its own platform and for the credit card payment. Their fees and policies can be read on their website

(written on August 2017)

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