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Flights to the Philippines - Airlines, Flight Duration, Main Philippine International Airports

Flight Manila Philippines
Manila Philippines
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Flights Philippines
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After being captivated with the photos you’ve seen, excited about the itinerary proposal we created for you, you are convinced to go have the Philippine holidays you’ve always dreamed of.

Then, of course, you have to get here first. So, then, the next question is about your flights going to the Philippines.

Generally, our tour packages don’t include international flights since our guests usually prefer to find a solution on their own whether via online booking or through to their trusted local travel agency. This solution also makes the tours cheaper and the reservation process faster. Anyway, if ever you need assistance for this purchase, we are available for international flight booking services.


There are many international airlines with daily flights to Manila, the capital of the Philippines.


List of Some Airlines Serving Manila Airport (updated on June 2020)

  • Asiatic Airlines - All Nippon Airways, Air Asia, Air Busan, Air China, Air India, Air Niugini, Air Swift, Asiana Airlines,  Cambodia Airways,  Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific Air, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Dragon Air, Eva Air,  Hong Kong Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jeju Air, Jet Star Asia, Jest Star International, Korean Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, PAL Express, Philippine Airlines,  Royal Brunei, Singapore Airline, Sky Jet Airlines, Thai Airways, Tiger Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Xiamen Airways.

  • European Airlines - Air France, Alitalia, Etihad, Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Swiss Air.

  • Middle-East Airlines - Emirates Airlines, Etihad, Gulf Air, Kuwait Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Royal Brunei, Saudia Airlines, Turkish Airlines

  • North American Airlines - Air Canada, Delta Air, United Airlines

  • Australian/New Zealand Airlines -  AIr New Zealand, Qantas Airlines

  • African Airlines - Ethiopian Airlines


If you travel from Europe, you can check the websites of companies of Asia and Middle-East, since they offer trips from Europe to the Philippines.


Main International Airports

The main international gates of the Philippines are Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) and Cebu (Mactan Cebu International Airport).

  • Manila International Airport: it is the main gate of the country and it is also your most convenient choice since they have the biggest number of domestic flight services available. Most of our tour proposals start in Manila for this reason.

  • Cebu International Airport: you may choose to fly to Cebu alternatively, located in the Central Visayas Region, especially if your tour will include Cebu Province itself and/or other popular surrounding islands like Bohol, Siquijor, Malapascua among others.

  • Clark International Airport: located roughly 90 kilometers away from Manila, is offering an increasing number of both international and domestic travel options, though not as much as Manila Airport. You may find some interesting deals for your international flight from Clark. Though it is worth to consider that if you’ll need to reach Manila, you will lose quite some amount of time on the road for your transfers. As of writing, there are no trains serving this airport. You will need to go through the highway to enter the city of Manila which could take several hours, especially during peak traffic hours.

  • Other international airports: there are other airports in the Philippines that became International (like those of Puerto Princesa, Davao or Boracay) though routes and schedules are limited.


Flight Duration (How long it takes to fly to the Philippines?)

How long does it take to reach the Philippines? This is quite a common question we hear: we say it’s very subjective and it definitely depends on where you are coming from. Here are some examples, considering the most convenient solutions, from some cities around the world.


How Long It Takes to Fly From North America to the Philippines

  • Los Angeles to Manila: 14-15 hours with direct flight (only with Philippine Airlines). 20-22 hours with 1 stop over (all other airlines).

  • New York to Manila: 16-17 hours with direct flight (only with Philippine Airlines). 20-22 hours with 1 stop over (all other airlines).

  • Toronto to Manila: 16-17 hours with direct flight (only with Philippine Airlines). 20-23 hours with 1 stop over (all other airlines).


How Long It Takes to Fly From Europe to the Philippines

  • Milan to Manila: 17-20 hours with 1 stop over (no direct flights available).

  • Frankfurt to Manila: 15-18 hours with 1 stop over (no direct flights available).

  • London to Manila: 12 hours with direct flight (only with Philippine Airlines). 17-20 hours with 1 stop over (all other airlines).

  • Madrid to Manila: 17-20 hours with 1 stop over (no direct flights available).

  • Amsterdam to Manila: 15-17 hours with 1 stop over (no direct flights available).


How Long It Takes to Fly from Oceania to the Philippines

  • Sydney to Manila: 9-10 hours with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines (only available direct flights). With other airlines, travel time is 14-20 hours with 1 stop over.

  • Auckland to Manila: 14-15 hours with 1 stop-over. On limited dates, direct flights are available with Philippine Airlines (10 hours circa).


How Long It Takes to Fly from Other Asian Countries to the Philippines

  • Tokyo to Manila: 5 hours circa (direct flights).

  • Shanghai to Manila: around 4 hours (direct flights)

  • Dubai to Manila: 8-9 hours (direct flights)


How Long It Takes to Fly from South America to the Philippines

  • Rio de Janeiro to Manila: 26 hours (1 stop over) or 32-35 hours (2 stop overs)

  • Buenos Aires to Manila: 33-34 hours (2 stop overs)


Note: this list might not be updated. Please check with your airlines for latest updates.


For tips on intercontinental flights, read this post on our blog: Intercontinental Flights? How to Choose Your Seat and Other Useful Information.

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