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Best time and months to visit the Philippines (climate, temperature and seasons)

Philippines Dry Season
Philippines Good Weather
Best time visit Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country, and it is said to have 2 distinct seasons: the dry and wet season.

Though we’d want to classify it further to: hot, rainy and cool seasons.

The average temperature of the country is between 26 – 32 °C, so it would mean that figures a bit below 26°C, let’s say 22-25C  is already considered “cool”. 


The following months have the corresponding seasons:

  • Dry Season: November/December to May/June

  • Rainy Season: May/June to October/November


Being an archipelago of 7,000+ islands, remember that different regions of the Philippines experience different seasonal patterns. Though for most parts of the country, the months of October/November to June (enclosed in the “dry” season”) are the better times to travel.


The Rainy season - or “wet” season - does not mean it rains pours continuously, it is also possible to have a hot and sunny days with afternoon showers. 


The central islands in the Philippines, like Cebu and Bohol, usually experience a fair weather all year long. Keep in mind, too, that seasons don’t always strictly follow a standard pattern, (as it may be the case for the rest of the world).

Plus, the temperature is always high: you will not feel cold if not for air-con or if you travel up on mountains.


For a more detailed explanation, please see this post on our blog on best time to visit the Philippines.

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