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PROJECT 2019: 1 Traveller = 1 Donation to a Student

Donations to support the Young Focus Foundation in Tondo (Manila), to help economically disadvantaged students.

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For each single traveller who will book a trip to the Philippines with Tropical Experience between February 1 (2019) and January 31 (2020), we will donate 5 € to the Foundation "Young Focus". Young Focus supplies scholarships to indigent students of the communities of Tondo (Manila).


We collected

325 €

Last update on January 15, 2020.

You're not one of our clients but you want to participate and join our fundraising? You can do it right now with your credit card! 


During 2017 and 2018 we organized fundraising campaign to support Young Focus, a great Foundation that operates in the area of Smokey Mountain in Tondo. It's one of the most marginalized areas of the capital of the Philippines.

Young Focus gives skilled assistance to children and young adults in order for them to access education and have the opportunity to change their lives. 

We are very convinced that education can be a key factor to bring a real change into the lives of these people, of their families and their communities. Education can make these young individuals independent, open new scenarios and most of all give them the chance to find a remunerative and stable job that will help them building a different life.

Organizational notes

- the donation to Young Focus will be executed in one single payment at the end of the indicated term (after January 31, 2020). The reporting, including official receipts, will be posted in this web page.

- this campaign doesn't create any additional costs to our clients. The amount of 5 € per traveller will be directly donated by Tropical Experience without additional charges.

Click here to read the reporting of the projects we implemented during 2017 and 2018. They allowed us to donate - through Young Focus - a 1-year scholarship to an elementary school student (2017) and another one to a college student (2018).

The official website of Young Focus is