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Claudia and Giuseppe's Review

“A perfect mix of relaxation and local life" (2018)


For our honeymoon, we wanted to explore wonderful seas, we wanted only the best in the world. Honeymooning in the Philippines, I can say that our expectations were met!

We visited many islands and in each place there was always a new surprise waiting for us; everywhere we went, we enjoyed incredible reefs, rich of fishes and colours.

Undoubtedly, the day tours in El Nido astonished us. Thanks to a boat all for ourselves, we enjoyed all its beauties and we spent many hours snorkeling.

The trip went on in Puerto Princesa and Cebu, where we swam with the whale sharks and into the waterfalls.

One of the things that surprised us the most was to swim with wild sea turtles in the Bohol sea, where we also saw wild dolphins, Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills.

The trip ended in a wonderful resort in Coron where we just enjoyed an amazing white beach. And just by 20 meters away from the shore you could still find a lot of live corals!

We really have to thank Samuele and Candice for their wonderful job!

Thanks to their organization and the travel handbook they gave us, we could visit a lot of places with a perfect mix of relaxation and local life with such ease and confidence!